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Contactless payment with the Debit Mastercard

Information about the new debit card – the Debit Mastercard

Here you will find answers, tips, and other useful information about your new debit card.

General Information about Debit Mastercard

  • 1. What is the Debit Mastercard?

  • 2. Why has the Maestro card been replaced by the Debit Mastercard?

  • 3. Do the conditions for the Debit Mastercard differ from those of the Maestro card?

  • 4. What functions does the Debit Mastercard offer?

  • 5. Is it possible to choose between a black and a white Debit Mastercard?

Online Shopping – 3D Secure

  • 6. How can the Debit Mastercard be used for online shopping?

  • 7. What is 3D Secure and how does the process protect the security of payments made online using the Debit Mastercard?

  • 8. Can online payments be made without 3D Secure?

  • 9. What should be done if the 3D Secure registration code (OTRC code) was lost?

  • 10. I am changing my telephone number soon. Do I have to request a new registration code (OTRC) to register for 3D Secure?

Self service / Settings

  • 11. What are the daily and monthly limits for my Debit Mastercard? How can I change these?

  • 12. Can the online payment function be deactivated?

  • 13. Can automatic transmission of the new expiration date be deactivated?

  • 14. Can the contactless feature be deactivated?

  • 15. How can I activate my debit card for other countries?

  • 16. How can I order a replacement debit card?

Payment: Contactless payment and mobile payment

  • 17. When will the contactless feature be activated? What needs to be done to make it work?

  • 18. Can contactless payments be made for amounts over CHF 80 as well?

  • 19. Can the Debit Mastercard be used for mobile payments?

  • 20. How do I register my card to Mobile Payment Wallets?

  • 21. How can the Debit Mastercard be stored as a payment type?


  • 22. The Debit Mastercard is lost – how can it be blocked?

  • 23. How secure are contactless payments?

  • 24. How can I complain about an unjustified debit to my debit card?

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