PrimeTrade is a web-based platform developed, supported and maintained by Credit Suisse. It provides direct access to derivative exchanges for debt, equity, FX and commodity futures and options.

Credit Suisse is constantly improving the platform’s trading functionality to anticipate or adapt to changes in market structure and client execution strategies. PrimeTrade currently provides a wide variety of execution functions including:

  • Multi-asset class
  • Cross product spreads (CPS)
  • Advanced Execution Services (AES)
  • Onyx: trade Fixed Income Cash Treasuries and Futures spreads via our proprietary algorithms that access ClearWater, our pool of cash liquidity
  • Stops, OCO, uneven OCO, GTC and contingent trade entry
  • Equity options (European and US through Pathfinder)
  • Text/email/sound notifications
  • Trade splitting, grouping and allocation feature
  • Trade allocation optimization

PrimeTrade also has an open architecture, offering links with order management, risk management and back office systems, which can ensure real-time delivery of trade fills into OMS/PMS systems via API/FIX Drop Copy.

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