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Credit Suisse Fixed Income Tradable and Benchmark Indices

Indices are a key component of Credit Suisse’s ICD: Intelligence and Critical Data, our full suite of innovative, client-focused solutions. Credit Suisse provides a comprehensive family of cross-asset tradable and benchmark indices which allow investors to track fixed income markets as well as access algorithmic and customized strategies. Our tradable indices adhere to transparent rules-based methodologies with published performance to provide a verifiable track record.

The Credit Suisse Liquid Fixed Income Workbench, a user-friendly web application, enables access to aggregate, sub-index and constituent-level customized information across the various asset classes, ratings, maturities and regions. Over 40 derived analytics and measures are available on our site.

All index data is easily exportable to an Excel spreadsheet and available on LOCUS and Bloomberg by going to CSLI <GO>

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