Wealth Consulting

Your relationship manager works closely with you and our experienced wealth consultants to deliver comprehensive financial advice. Our services include succession planning, relocation services, private label funds and trust services.

Comprehensive Financial Advice

Sound financial decisions based on a holistic view of your financial situation.

As in any other endeavor, making sound financial decisions depends on having all the relevant information at your fingertips. Credit Suisse provides comprehensive financial advice based on a full understanding of your situation. Starting with a careful analysis of where you are today, we work with you to develop a plan to get you where you want to be tomorrow. Whether optimizing your current portfolio or planning for the future, we offer you personal, tailor-made solutions.

Together with your relationship manager, our comprehensive financial advice starts with the services of a Credit Suisse financial planner. He or she will work together with you to analyze your current situation, including all your assets and liabilities, all relevant financial and tax considerations, and any pertinent issues relating to retirement and estate planning. This forms the basis for drawing up a personal financial plan and making the key decisions necessary to ensure the continued sustainable growth of your assets.

No financial plan is complete without comprehensive and far-sighted tax planning. Our tax consultants analyze your current and future tax exposure along your “financial lifecycle,” taking into account the likely changes to your financial situation as you progress through life. The consultants analyze your assets and liabilities for any favorable tax opportunities, and assess your personal retirement, financial, and estate planning in terms of potential tax-related consequences. They can also advise you on the tax impact of a change of residence, real estate investment, corporate succession, or any other financial event with potential tax implications.

Succession Planning

Timely and professional arrangements for your estate.

Are you at the stage of life where you are considering the best and most effective way to pass on your wealth? How important to you is cautious, proactive, and professional estate planning?

At Credit Suisse, we have a great deal of experience with both private and company successions. Our specialists can help you develop and implement a plan that takes all relevant factors into account and ensures that your wishes are carried out to the letter.

It has taken you decades to successfully build up your assets. Now it is time for you to plan the best way and the timeframe you want to pass them on. Your relationship manager and our succession specialists ensure that, when it comes to succession planning, your personal, family, and business affairs are organized strictly according to your wishes.

Our inheritance specialists analyze your assets and obligations and check the feasibility of your beneficiary preferences. In doing so, they take into account the compulsory shares of forced heirs as well as various family setups, business situations, and their impact on the estate.

With sufficient forethought and time it is possible to involve all potential heirs in estate planning, creating an organized and solid basis for the amicable division of your assets. Planning ahead also lets you determine who will be the executor of your last will and testament, make long-term plans for lifetime gifts and charitable commitments, and take into account the consequences of a change of residence or company succession. Our specialists help you ensure that these and other important considerations are addressed, and arrangements made according to your preferences

Have you already considered who might lead your company when you are no longer working? Do you know what needs to be taken into account when planning a business succession? The Credit Suisse Succession Planning team supports you in handling this complex challenge, helping to safeguard your assets and the fruits of your life's work, as well as existing jobs.

Relocation Services

Welcome to Switzerland.

Have you recently relocated to Switzerland? If so, you can take advantage of our Relocation Services.

Relocating requires a great deal of flexibility at both a professional and a personal level. At Credit Suisse we assist you right from the start with a comprehensive range of relocation services above and beyond just banking.

Thanks to many years of experience in relocations to Switzerland, we are very well acquainted with the needs of those who are new to the country. We can provide useful information and solutions based on your personal situation, including advice on managing your assets, buying real estate in Switzerland, and understanding and enrolling in Swiss-based pension schemes and tax systems.

Private Label Funds

Customized investment funds under your name.

Are you a private investor with complex needs looking for a customized fund solution? If so, you may want to consider your own private label fund implemented by Credit Suisse Investment Banking.

A private label fund offers many advantages. You can develop a solution precisely tailored to your needs, including naming the fund. You can enter the fund business as an investment manager and develop your own track record. Our specialists handle the custody, reporting, and other administrative tasks, freeing you to concentrate on investment strategy and servicing your clients. We also provide you with access to proprietary research and other products and services to support your investment ideas.

Trust Services

Your ideal partner for professional estate planning.

Do you want to be sure that you and others derive benefit from your wealth? And are you thinking about measures to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you pass away? Then a trust or a foundation may offer an interesting alternative for you.

Credit Suisse Trust AG was founded in 1910 in Switzerland and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Suisse Group AG. It offers a comprehensive range of trust services and estate planning via its branches in Switzerland and subsidiaries abroad.

You can find out during a personal consultation whether a trust or a foundation would make sense for you. Just call us. 

Trusts allow you, among other things, to determine who should benefit from your assets. They are administered by a trustee, and generally dedicated to private ends. In a trust, the benefactor usually remains anonymous, as does the work of the trust.

Foundations also allow you, among other things, to determine who should benefit from your assets. A foundation is a legal entity and is often dedicated to public projects or goals. In general, the foundation’s benefactor assumes a public role, and the work of the foundation is carried out openly.

With our insurance solutions you can take advantage of attractive investments while at the same time settling your estate in a simple and effective way and in accordance with your specific wishes.