Team up with us Charitable foundations – Leaving your mark 

Charitable foundations – Leaving your mark 

Do you want your assets to do lasting good? Would you like to play a role in deciding where the money is used? Are you toying with the idea of setting up a foundation, or entrusting your assets to an existing one? With more than 20 years' expertise in the foundation sector, we would be pleased to help.

Our offering in the foundation sector

Credit Suisse operates a competence center for charitable foundations, offering numerous services and solutions. We can help you set up a foundation, manage the foundation's assets, as well as network with internal/external specialists and other charitable organizations.

Foundation expertise

  • With their proven experience in foundation management and expertise in foundation law, our team of experts will be your reliable partner at all times.
  • You will enjoy direct access to our broad network of established foundations as well as foundation specialists to enable the exchange of ideas.
  • Through our range of dedicated training and development programs, we will help you ensure successful foundation management. Training is given by well-known representatives from the Swiss foundation scene as well as internal specialists.

Investment expertise

  • On your behalf, we will undertake a sustainability screening of the existing portfolio and compare it with the foundation's purpose. This will ensure your values are given the right focus.
  • We can provide personalized advice on sustainable, targeted investment. We would be happy to advise you on the inclusion of sustainability criteria, or to help you review and prepare the investment guidelines.
  • You will receive a customized portfolio solution as well as access to our wide range of investment solutions – tailored to support your foundation's individual objectives.

For more information, please contact our competence center.