Team up with us Charitable foundations: our offering

Charitable foundations: our offering

There’s no doubt that charitable foundations can make a positive impact on society. Furthermore, the ability to use one’s assets to establish a foundation for a chosen cause can be very rewarding. We help foundations achieve their mission by supporting them in developing their vision and investment strategy, and implementing it in the most effective and sustainable way.

Mission accomplished – getting everything in line

Ultimately, a foundation is effective if it achieves its mission. In the past, foundations had a high level of autonomy in focusing their charitable activities as they saw fit in the pursuit of their mission. However, recent developments have led to higher expectations and the demand for transparency.

Increased scrutiny is a positive development. Making sure investments are aligned with the foundation’s mission and being transparent about the way funds are used is now a recommendation of the Swiss Foundation Code. If transparency and sustainable investment can both support the mission and achieve social impact as well as generate financial returns, everyone wins.

Asking the right questions – what foundations should consider

When leading a charitable foundation, a number of essential questions need answering. In our experience, the most frequently asked questions are:

  • Do you have good governance and an effective grant-making program?
  • Does your investment strategy align with – and even strengthen – your mission and does it adhere to sustainability criteria?
  • Are you already engaging with like-minded peers to share experience and expand expertise?

With foundations under increasing scrutiny, it is important to have clear answers to these questions that make sense to avoid reputational risks.

There’s no need for foundations to have to go it alone. With some outside guidance on governance, investment and subject matter expertise, foundations can make sure that they protect their reputations while working towards their goals in the most effective and sustainable way.

All along the way – how Credit Suisse supports foundations

At Credit Suisse we offer a full range of services to those who are considering setting up a foundation or enhancing their existing charitable cause. Throughout the process, we can help.