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As philanthropy and sustainable investments become more sophisticated, we have seen an increased demand for expertise. Credit Suisse has long been among the leaders in both areas and can offer private individuals, families, foundations, and pension funds a wide variety of related products and services.

As an integral part of the Credit Suisse Wealth Management offering, Philanthropy & Sustainable Investment benefits from the expertise of our research and our investment strategy teams, as well as our product and asset management specialists. Our offering is complemented by Credit Suisse’s corporate responsibility engagement.

Our experienced team of philanthropy and sustainable investment experts in Switzerland and Asia provide targeted advice to clients worldwide, based on their personal values and objectives. With over a decade of innovation and expertise in philanthropy and sustainable investment, we offer our clients dedicated strategic advice, investment management, supporting services, and a long-term partnership.

Whether you are a private individual, family, family office, foundation, or pension fund, we can create customized solutions for you.

Our commitment to sustainable investment is evident: Credit Suisse has assets of 18 billion Swiss francs with high social and environmental benefits (2015) and since 2002 a sales volume of 3 billion US dollars with impact investment products. According to the FNG/SSF Market Report on Sustainable Investment, we have the second-highest market share of asset managers in terms of sustainable investments in Switzerland.


CHF billion with high social and environmental benefits 


USD billion sales volume with impact investment products 

We have launched the first of its kind climate-neutral Real Estate Fund in Switzerland in 2009 and, on the corporate side, as one of the largest real estate managers in Europe, Credit Suisse initiated a five-year program in collaboration with Siemens to systematically reduce overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions without any investment in construction. The goal of the program is to reduce CO2 emissions by an average of at least 10 percent across all buildings. This innovative approach has translated into one of the most efficient and sustainable real estate portfolios in Europe. In 2016, Credit Suisse achieved a Global Sector Leader award, three Regional Sector Leader awards, and fourteen Green Star awards for a significant outstanding performance, illustrating its leading approach when it comes to sustainable real estate.

Within Impact Investment, Credit Suisse has been a leader and innovator since 2002. Our dedicated team of specialists structures, manages, and offers a suite of impact investment products across a wide range of innovative financial vehicles and sectors. For example, we have launched the first Higher Education Note in 2014 and the first conservation investment product in 2014.

We also offer our clients support in setting up their own philanthropic efforts or in joining forces with others. Our first charitable umbrella foundation was founded in 2000. Since then, our Swiss charitable umbrella foundations Accentus, Empiris, and Symphasis have more than 130 sub-foundations that work with over 200 project partners. They have distributed a total of more than 97 million Swiss francs to over 2,100 charitable initiatives in Switzerland and other countries.




project partners 


CHF million distributed to charitable initiatives


charitable initiatives 

With experts in Switzerland and Asia, we offer global coverage. We have long-standing partners around the world and are members of the most important networks in Philanthropy and Sustainable Investment:

Philanthropic project partners

We have long-standing partnerships with over 800 selected non-governmental organizations in an effort to bring about lasting change across the globe. A selection of these can be found in our publication Credit Suisse Philanthropy Partnerships: Making an Impact.


selected non-governmental organizations

Sustainable investment networks

We partner with industry-leading global networks such as Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), Green Bond Principles (GBP), and regional initiatives such as the Fachverband Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG) and Eurosif, and national associations such as Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF), among others. As a signatory to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), we emphasize our commitment to acting in the best long-term interests of our clients by incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into our investment processes and decisions. Furthermore, we have been original signatories to the UN Global Compact, and the Equator Principles and are a signatory of the UNEP Finance Initiative.

Impact investment partners

We have long-standing partnerships with FINCA, Prodigy Finance, and Althelia, among others, and are founding partner of responsAbility Investments. For our Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative, we have partnered with Women’s World Banking, Swisscontact, Accion, Opportunity International, and the Swiss Capacity Building Facility for many years. In the area of conservation finance, we are – together with Cornell University, IUCN, and the Nature Conservancy – a founding member of the Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation (CPIC).

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