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Philanthropy and Sustainable Investment

We can help you integrate personal values as well as social and environmental objectives into the management of your wealth. Whether you want to engage in philanthropy, or combine financial as well as social and environmental aspects into your investments, we offer a broad range of tailored and innovative solutions to help you find the best strategy to meet your personal goals. 

Our solutions.

Our Philanthropy and Sustainable Investment team can help you integrate personal values as well as social and environmental objectives into the management of your wealth. We offer many years of experience and a comprehensive range of tailored and innovative solutions that help you address social and environmental challenges and create a long-lasting impact.

Would you like to use your wealth to make a positive impact on society and the environment? Are you interested in donating part of your assets to charitable causes? Does your family have a tradition of philanthropy going back several generations? Or would you like to tailor your investments to make a tangible social and environmental impact while also earning a financial return?

We assist both individual clients and charitable foundations in setting up philanthropic structures, investing in innovative products in impact investment, or integrating sustainability criteria in an investment portfolio. We work closely with dedicated specialists across the bank and give you access to events, the latest research publications, as well as our network of thematic experts and strategic partner organizations around the world.

We are pleased to assist you in the choice of the best strategy to meet your particular objectives and turn your vision into reality – based on your convictions, ideals and personal situation.  

Client Charitable Umbrella Foundations (Separate Legal Entity)

Put your assets in the service of charitable goals.

Would you like to put your assets to good use for the benefit of society and the environment, help the disadvantaged, support cultural or sports projects, or foster science and research? And in so doing, is it important for you to be able to decide on your own who benefits from your commitment?

An increasing number of people are becoming interested in charitable causes and devoting portions of their wealth to good works. But not everyone wants to establish his or her own foundation, either due to lack of specialist knowledge or because of concerns about expense and time commitment. If this is the case for you, the client charitable umbrella foundations ACCENTUS, EMPIRIS, and SYMPHASIS offer an interesting alternative.

Within these three client charitable umbrella foundations donors can easily establish subfoundations in the form of a fund. Such a fund can be set up either during their lifetime or as part of a will. As with a private foundation, donors decide which charitable goals should be pursued. They can determine the name and the purpose of the fund as well as how the money is to be distributed.

Such a fund offers you the same possibilities as an independent foundation without the need to worry about setup or administration. In all cases, you are guaranteed competent, long-term management and careful selection of the charitable projects to be supported. The costs of setting up and administering the fund are borne by Credit Suisse, meaning all the money you donate is used solely for your chosen projects.