Lending Solutions

We provide a full range of customized lending solutions, including real estate finance, aviation and yacht financing, and structured lending. Your relationship manager will help you find the best solution for your needs and goals.

Real Estate Finance

Customized financing solutions.

Borrowing to purchase high-quality real estate is all about trust. At Credit Suisse, you can count on meeting people with the same mindset and receiving comprehensive support. That is not only reassuring, but also gives you an effective edge that will benefit you – as our client – all over the world.  

Are you planning to buy a property to use yourself? Our lending solutions will help you make your dream home a reality, and at the same time preserve your liquidity and your freedom to invest.

Whether purchasing or refinancing business premises, commercial property, or residential property, our team of experts will assist you with all matters concerning the financing of investment properties.

We are your partner for real estate financing.

Cross-border support in selected European countries.

Lending solutions for exclusive real estate

Credit consulting from experts.

If you need a specific solution for real estate financing, you can be sure we can either offer or arrange it. We will find your ideal financing solution – in the form of an individual property, or one that is tailor-made for your real estate portfolio.

Aviation and Yacht Finance

From jet to yacht. From purchase to leasing.

When you buy an aircraft or yacht, you want to be able to customize it to suit your needs. Your chosen financing solution will be equally bespoke. And that requires the right crew: With Credit Suisse, you are choosing a recognized specialist in the financing of high-end transportation.

Welcome aboard.

Are you planning to finance a jet costing at least USD 15 million or a yacht at least 40 meters in length? Then why not take advantage of our offer and the in-depth know-how of our global team of specialists? Not only are we experts in lending solutions, we're also thoroughly versed in the assets that we finance.

We have years of experience in the sector of high-end transportation asset finance and we use our own expertise and global network to provide tailor-made solutions.

Structured Lending

Tailored solutions to finance investments and optimize the performance of your portfolio.

As an experienced investor you know what it takes to build a strong portfolio and are adept at managing your assets. If you are interested in leveraging these assets, perhaps to raise liquidity, hedge your wealth, or further grow your portfolio, our structured lending specialists can help.

Credit Suisse offers you the full range of customized solutions with a wide variety of collateral classes. Such structured loans offer a number of benefits. They can help you raise liquidity and finance investments without selling existing assets. They allow you to monetize strategic equity positions. You can use them to finance buyouts of minority shareholders ahead of an IPO or to protect your wealth through corresponding hedging strategies.

With our experts at your side, you can be sure that our structured loans are perfectly in line with your needs and your individual risk profile. This makes them an excellent instrument to enhance and optimize the performance of your investment portfolio.

Lombard loan

Do you need additional liquidity, but still want to benefit from your investment portfolio's return? Or would you like to take advantage of new investment opportunities without selling your securities? With a lombard loan, you achieve an attractive and flexible financing solution.

Whether you're looking for maximum flexibility or are dependent on additional capital for a certain period, we've got the right solution for you. Structure the loan with our assistance according to your individual needs with respect to type, amount, time frame, and currency. Learn more about using your lombard loan:

  • You obtain additional capital without having to sell your existing securities holdings.
  • You continue to enjoy the capital appreciation and income potential of your securities.
  • You may alter the structure of your portfolio at any time. The credit limit assigned to you will be adjusted accordingly.
  • You may use the interest paid to optimize your tax burden.1
  • You gain access to a flexible alternative to mortgage financing.