Our Offering Investment Suitability Tool - the Unique Solution from Credit Suisse

Investment Suitability Tool - the Unique Solution from Credit Suisse

Regulators in the financial industry are increasingly focusing on transparency and investor protection. Hence, these issues are also becoming more important for you as an External Asset Manager (EAM). To help you meet the regulatory requirements, Credit Suisse has created a practical instrument called the Investment Suitability Tool.

In the past, the market has offered EAM hardly any advanced tools for portfolio suitability checks that were easy to use and also provided targeted functionality. By developing the Investment Suitability Tool, Credit Suisse has now closed this gap. Thanks to this instrument, you can complete the suitability checks process in three structured and efficient steps. It enables you to determine whether a specific investment is suitable and appropriate for your client.

A Step Ahead with the Investment Suitability Tool of Credit Suisse

The new Investment Suitability Tool of Credit Suisse supports External Asset Managers (EAM) in the development of suitable solutions for their clients.

Three steps to find a suitable investment

  • Enter an individual investor profile. After that, the profile can be easily managed. The documentation meets the regulatory requirements for recording and monitoring.
  • Perform the evaluation and document the client's suitability and appropriateness of the investment proposals based on the risk budget and the client's investment objectives. Is the planned investment suitable? Does the client have an adequate level of knowledge? Can he bear the financial risk? Do the risks of the investment proposal match the client's risk capacity and tolerance?
  • Create regulatory documentation and customize it with your own logo. Clients will always know where they stand and you will also be complying with claims for increased transparency.

Whether you handle advisory or discretionary mandates, using the Investment Suitability Tool saves you time and reduces administrative effort. For more information, please contact our experts directly or get in touch with your relationship manager.