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  1. Financing real estate with no loss of liquidity

    Financing real estate with no loss of liquidity

    What can external asset managers do if a client wishes to buy real estate but has limited liquidity available due to their assets being invested? Credit Suisse experts show how real estate financing can nevertheless work.

  2. Green Swiss Lakes: Focus on sustainability in maritime transport

    Green Swiss Lakes – focus on sustainability in maritime transport

    A 90-year-old ship with a new engine is charting the course for the electrification of maritime transport on Lake Lugano. The project's founders dream of getting other navigation companies on board with the idea.

  3. Investment strategy: Confidence in the 2022 financial markets

    A year of transition. What will move the financial markets in 2022?

    Will the global financial markets develop next year as much as in 2021? Not really, says Burkhart Varnholt, CIO of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.. However, he does look ahead to the new year with confidence. What are the six reasons for a positive outlook and what risks should external asset managers consider in their investment strategy?

  4. Private equity: An asset class with opportunities

    Private equity – an asset class with potential 

    Investments in unlisted securities have increasingly moved onto investors' radars in recent years. What's more, against a backdrop of persistently low interest rates, high security prices across the board, as well as attractive historical returns, this asset class is likely to keep the wind in its sails.

  5. A food revolution unfolding

    Over the past 20 years, diet has emerged as key in our societies' quest for a healthier lifestyle.

  6. Digitalization: Opportunities and challenges for wealth management

    Digitalization: Opportunities and challenges for wealth management

    Cryptocurrencies, fintechs, automated processes – the financial sector is undergoing a profound transformation. Digital transformation is also driving developments in wealth management. High-profile experts discussed what challenges and opportunities this brings during the EAM Leadership Roundtables on October 26, 2021.

  7. Alternative protein source – food for your portfolio

    The food industry is seeing a shift towards alternative protein sources. That helps the environment and offers investment opportunities.

  8. Integrating ESG into a portfolio. Tips for external asset managers.

    Many external asset managers (EAMs) are now integrating ESG approaches (Environmental, Social and Governance) into their own advisory and investment process. But what has to be considered in this context? The following article summarizes the most frequently asked questions that have been asked in various discussions with external asset managers.

  9. When wealth changes hands. Focusing on the next generation.

    Wealth planning is changing as the next generation is set to take over assets in the coming years. Asset managers are therefore asking themselves how they can attract the next generation.

  10. Cat bonds in your investment portfolio: cushioning the impact of climate change

    Cushioning the impact of climate change with cat bonds.

    More powerful hurricanes and increasing numbers of earthquakes – climate change is real. What does climate change mean for the alignment of investment portfolios? Investments in cat bonds offer institutional investors interesting opportunities to help shape the future.