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  1. Corporate succession: Finding the optimal succession solution

    Being prepared for the unexpected in corporate succession

    Succession management is an important and highly personal undertaking, especially for family firms. At the same time, the decision can be influenced by many factors such as whether children are even interested in succeeding the previous generation in the first place. As such, corporate succession should be planned with a long-term perspective.

  2. Cybersicherheit im Family Office: Tipps gegen Cyberangriffe

    How single family offices can protect themselves against cyberattacks.

    Secrecy surrounds single family offices, particularly concerning cyber-breaches. Cyber-expert Martin Clements talks to a representative of one such office about how security measures protect beneficiaries’ money and secrets from online criminals, and then offers advice on how to make that protection even better.

  3. Six challenges that single-family offices need to address

    Single-family offices need to overcome multiple challenges in order to meet the complex requirements involved in managing the assets of wealthy families. We look at six major obstacles, and highlight the solutions used by single-family offices to deliver the best possible service to family members.

  4. Get the bigger picture – with strategic advisory

    Finding the best solution for ultra-wealthy clients – no matter how complex their needs. In this interview, Philippe Leuenberger, Head of Strategic Advisory & Structured Financing Solutions at Credit Suisse, explains how the bank delivers the very best for its clients.