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  1. Abolition of imputed rental value: Abolishing imputed rental value is controversial

    Abolishing imputed rental value. When and how that might happen.

    Parliamentarians would like to abolish imputed rental value, but they are facing a lot of headwind. Find out when an abolition of imputed rental value can be expected at the earliest, how realistic a system change is, and what hurdles need to be overcome.

  2. Calculate imputed rental value: These factors are taken into account

    Imputed rental value: What you need to know

    Many owners of single-family dwellings and owner-occupied apartments object to imputed rental value for residential property. But what is imputed rental value exactly, and how is it calculated? The current system has by no means the same financial impact on every homeowner.

  3. Real estate valuation – calculating the market value

    How real estate is valued

    Knowledge of how real estate is valued is indispensable, especially if you are buying or selling a property. A valuation may also be relevant when renewing your mortgage. However, numerous questions may arise in this regard. Read here about how real estate is valued.

  4. Indirect-and-direct-repayment-compared

    Direct or indirect repayment – the right method of repayment for you

    When it comes to repaying the second mortgage on a property, there are two ways of doing so: direct repayment or indirect repayment. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. When thinking about your mortgage repayments, you should take a long-term view and consider your personal circumstances.

  5. Paying off your mortgage – reasons for and against voluntary repayment

    Paying off your mortgage – reasons for and against voluntary repayment

    Compared to their international counterparts, Swiss property owners have large mortgage debts, which they often do not pay off. There are good reasons for this. Nevertheless, it can make sense to repay a first mortgage, even when there is no obligation to do so. Find out when voluntary repayment is beneficial and when it is better for you not to pay off any more of your mortgage.

  6. Taking specific steps to defuse a neighborhood conflict

    Resolving neighborhood disputes. The right way to deal with conflict. 

    Regardless of whether the people next-door are throwing a loud party or causing other nuisances, conflicts between neighbors cannot always be avoided despite what the neighbor law provisions say. Yet, those who proceed with the goal of resolving the conflict can reach an acceptable compromise in nearly every neighborhood dispute. 

  7. The housebuilding of the future: Seven construction trends for the housebuilding of tomorrow

    The future of housebuilding. Seven exciting construction trends. 

    What will homes look like in the future? Technical innovations and social trends are changing the way homes are built. Discover the exciting construction trends that will shape the housebuilding of the future. 

  8. Pillar 3a for residential property: advance withdrawal and pledging

    For a home of your own: Use Pillar 3a for a residential property

    Anyone in Switzerland who is lacking equity capital to purchase their own real estate can use Pillar 3a funds for residential property. Read this article to find out how this is possible and what you need to note for pledging and withdrawing Pillar 3a assets.

  9. Eco-friendly building: Four components of sustainable construction

    Green homes: Four components of eco-friendly building 

    Green building is on trend. These days, conserving environmental resources and living sustainably are more important than ever before. Read on for some sustainable building options.

  10. Owner-occupied property: Demand increasing again on housing market

    Just a brief shock: Rapid normalization expected for owner-occupied property market

    After a brief paralysis, the owner-occupied property market is likely to see a rapid normalization. The bottom line is that residential property remains attractive thanks to very low interest rates and low levels of construction activity. However, property owners will need to wait a while for a lasting recovery.