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  1. COVID-19 - accelerating existing socio-economic trends

    Credit Suisse Research Institute publishes new study looking at long-term implications of COVID-19.

  2. The Swiss economy: How SMEs are responding to the unprecedented crisis

    Credit Suisse publishes "Monitor Switzerland" for Q4 2020 focusing on the SME survey

  3. 2020 Credit Suisse Worry Barometer: The coronavirus pandemic is now the top concern in Switzerland; ensuring vital supplies is seen as the most important security issue

    Credit Suisse releases the results of its latest survey on the worries of Swiss voters, their sense of identity, and the level of trust in various actors

  4. Coronavirus crisis: SME export sentiment at historic low

    Credit Suisse and S-GE publish a study on the SME Export Outlook for the second half of 2020

  5. Downward trend stopped – export sentiment brightens at start of year

    Credit Suisse and S-GE publish study on the SME Export Outlook for first half of 2020

  6. Credit Suisse Progress Barometer: The pressure for progress on sustainability and equality transcends nations

    The second Progress Barometer measures the desire for progress in 16 countries.

  7. Credit Suisse FX Survey 2020 reveals Swiss companies do not expect euro to appreciate

    Almost half of companies surveyed hedge against foreign exchange risks

  8. Retail Outlook 2020: Pop-ups – A panacea for the retail sector?

    Credit Suisse publishes study on the prospects for the Swiss retail sector

  9. SNB to keep interest rates negative

    Credit Suisse publishes "Monitor Switzerland" for Q4 2019