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  1. Global Wealth Report 2021

    Credit Suisse Research Institute published its twelfth Global Wealth Report showing continued wealth growth

  2. Where do young people live?

    Credit Suisse publishes Real Estate Monitor Switzerland Q2 2021

  3. Childcare generally cheapest in Geneva and Neuchâtel

    This Press Release is only available in German, French and Italian.

  4. Swiss economy: Lockdown savings will boost consumption again

    Credit Suisse publishes its ‘Monitor Switzerland’ for Q1 2021

  5. Home sweet home – apartments high in demand

    Credit Suisse publishes 'Swiss Real Estate Market 2021' study

  6. Credit Suisse launches Man AHL TargetRisk Core Custom Index

    Credit Suisse has collaborated with Man Group to launch the Credit Suisse Man AHL TargetRisk Core Custom Index (TRCC Index), bringing a new addition to its Quantitative Investment Strategies offering.

  7. SMEs look to the new year with confidence – despite the ongoing pandemic

    Credit Suisse and S-GE publish a study on the SME Export Outlook for the first half of 2021

  8. Retail Outlook 2021: Consumer behavior varies, doubts remain

    Credit Suisse publishes study on the outlook for the Swiss retail sector