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  1. Food industry: ecological agriculture versus climate change

    Shaping the future of sustainable nutrition

    The food industry is undergoing a transformation. This is due on one hand to the changing values of consumers, and on the other hand to the need for sustainable food due to climate change. However, the road to greener agriculture is long and we've only just begun. For investors, this shift offers new opportunities.

  2. Investment strategy: A look at equity performance in 2022

    Investment strategy for equities: What investors need to know for 2022.

    Corporate profits will likely be the most important driver of equity returns in 2022. The new Investment Outlook from Credit Suisse highlights exciting forecasts of financial market trends and what you need to know for a successful investment strategy in the new year.

  3. Food security for the world. With sustainable investments.

    The growing world population will lead to a doubling of the global demand for food. To ensure there is enough food to feed the world, a shift in the food industry is not optional, but mandatory. Private investors can also play a role in shaping this change by means of sustainable investments. 

  4. Economic forecasts and growth for 2022

    The global economy after COVID-19. What investors can expect.

    How will the financial markets perform in 2022? The good news for investors, first of all: The economy will keep growing. But the global economy will also face some major challenges. Read the economic forecast in Credit Suisse’s 2022 Investment Outlook.

  5. anlegen-im-dezeber-aktien-erreichen-neue-hoechststaende.jpg

    Investing in December: Our forecast in brief

    The Credit Suisse perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. Despite supply chain bottlenecks, Swiss companies recorded higher corporate profits than expected in the third quarter of the year. Find out more about the current situation in the financial markets and key insights for investors.

  6. Inflation is at a new high

    Interview with Burkhard Varnholt: Inflation is at a new high

    There appears to be no end in sight for the post-COVID-19 economic upturn. In Europe and the US, inflation is at its highest level for years. "It's the main thing investors want to talk about," says Burkhard Varnholt in the interview and he explains the role supply chains and electricity prices play in this.

  7. Companies are benefiting from venture capital

    How venture capital is changing the world

    The pandemic has boosted stock exchanges and markets around the world, with companies posting above-average profits. These developments are, in part, due to the influence of venture capital. But what's next?

  8. Stock market cycles: How investors benefit from bull markets

    Knowing stock market cycles – benefitting from bull markets

    Bull markets are not uncommon after global crises. The sharp rise in market prices after the COVID-19 crisis is an impressive example. Stock market cycles provide one explanation for this. Those who want to benefit from future bull markets should know the phases of a stock market cycle.

  9. A transformation with investment prospects: The decarbonization of the economy

    The decarbonization of the global economy is in full swing. This Supertrend is attracting a great deal of capital – particularly for companies that are involved in the expansion of the necessary infrastructure. This is resulting in interesting prospects for investors in connection with what are known as "pork cycles."

  10. Europe wants to achieve climate neutrality. Find out what this means for investors.

    Climate neutrality by 2050 – that is the target under the European Green Deal. The 26th UN Climate Change Conference, held in Glasgow, has set the course for an economic transformation on a massive scale. Find out more about the challenges the EU is bracing itself for, and the new opportunities for sustainable investment that are opening up.