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  1. Switzerland's pension system: The only constant is change

    Although it was restricted to soldiers and civil servants about 150 years ago, today it's available to everyone: a proper retirement provision. The fight to establish Switzerland's three-pillar system was long and arduous, but in 1985 it finally became law. All's well that ends well? – No. Unless major changes are made, a new wave of old-age poverty could lie ahead. The story continues.

  2. Pension provision in Switzerland: What newcomers need to know about the three pillars

    New to Switzerland? This is how to keep track of your pension provision.

    Are you new to Switzerland? Find out how to use the Swiss pension system comprising state, occupational, and private pension provision correctly, and keep track of it. This will ensure that you are optimally protected in retirement.

  3. According to the 2019 Worry Barometer, both young and old people in Switzerland are concerned about retirement provision

    Problem no. 1: Retirement provision

    For the third year in a row, Swiss voters see retirement provision as the biggest challenge facing Switzerland. The Credit Suisse Worry Barometer reveals that all population groups agree.  

  4. What yoga has to do with AHV

    Why It's a Good Idea to Invest Five Minutes Every Four Years in Your Old Age and Survivors' Insurance

    Federal Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV) is a somewhat neglected topic compared to the second and third pillars: Although it accompanies us throughout our lives, some insured people have unnecessary contribution gaps through insufficient knowledge. The result is that their pensions are appreciably lower. In most cases, spending five minutes on the subject every four years would be sufficient to avoid this.

  5. Splitting the AHV, pension fund, and Pillar 3a upon divorce

    What happens to your AHV (Old Age and Survivors' Insurance), pension fund, and Pillar 3a if you get divorced?

    In the event of a divorce, the same principle applies to AHV, pension fund and Pillar 3a assets, namely that entitlements and assets earned during the marriage are divided up. However, this is done differently from pillar to pillar. 

  6. Retirement provision in Switzerland: Pillar 3a is important for employee benefits insurance

    "Solidarity in employee benefits insurance is under severe strain"  

    Retirement provision in Switzerland is out of kilter. In this interview, pension experts Markus Stierli and Rocco Baldinger discuss solutions for state pension provision ("AHV"), employee benefits insurance ("second pillar"), and tied pension provision ("Pillar 3a"). They explain why personal responsibility is the only practical model at present. 

  7. antonio-gatti-and-reto-schlatter-discuss-the-challenges-of-the-swiss-pension-system

    “When It Comes to Pension Provision, We Can't Wait”

    After the "No" vote to AHV reform, dealing with this issue is everyone's responsibility, not just the government's. Uncertainty about one's own retirement provision is growing. But there are certainly opportunities. During their conversation, Antonio Gatti, Head of Wealth Planning at Credit Suisse in Zurich, and economic author Reto Schlatter explain what these are.

  8. Pillar 3a: reducing taxes

    How Big Are the Actual Tax Savings in Your Region Thanks to Pillar 3a?

    The amount you can save in taxes with a tied pension provision varies from region to region. In their new study on private retirement provision, Credit Suisse's economists detail the regional differences of the various tax burdens.

  9. One third of the Swiss have no Pillar 3a

    Over a Third of the Swiss Working Population Have No Pillar 3a

    Who pays into Pillar 3a? And how much? In their new study, the economists at Credit Suisse have taken a closer look at the savings habits of the Swiss population in tied private pension provision. There are significant differences between the regions, for example: People from French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino use Pillar 3a less than German-speaking Swiss.

  10. Where Can I Find Information about the Status of My Three Pillars?

    Where Can I Find Information about the Status of My Three Pillars?

    It is not very easy for people who recently started living and working in Switzerland to keep an overview of their pension status. The AHV and pension fund statement provides important information about the status of your three pillars.