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  1. Splitting the AHV, pension fund, and Pillar 3a upon divorce

    What happens to your AHV (Old Age and Survivors' Insurance), pension fund, and Pillar 3a if you get divorced?

    In the event of a divorce, the same principle applies to AHV, pension fund and Pillar 3a assets, namely that entitlements and assets earned during the marriage are divided up. However, this is done differently from pillar to pillar. 

  2. Women need to be careful about their retirement provision when working part-time or on a career break

    Women: Think about your retirement provision if working part-time work or taking a career break

    Part-time work and employment interruptions are key reasons why women invest less in Pillar 3a, according to a new study by Credit Suisse. However, it is particularly important for them to increase their exposure to this pillar in order to compensate for the loss of the AHV and BVG pension due to reduced contributions.

  3. This is what single moms can do for their retirement provision

    Retirement provision for single moms: Four tips so that you can lead a self-determined life in retirement

    Women with children are aware of the importance of saving for their retirement. This is shown by a recent Credit Suisse study. But less than half of single women with children pay regularly into Pillar 3a – probably due in part to being on a tight budget – with correspondingly negative consequences for their retirement provision. We provide four tips on how you can provide for more financial independence in your old age.

  4. Lower salaries and part-time work prevent women from paying into Pillar 3a

    Women would pay more into pillar 3a – if they could

    Lower incomes and more part-time employment are the main reasons that women pay into Pillar 3a less frequently than men. A current Credit Suisse study shows that, all things being equal, women would pay more into their private pension provision than men.

  5. New option: "1e" pension plans

    "1e" Pension Plans in the Second Pillar Are Becoming More Attractive

    An amendment to the Federal Act on Vesting in Pension Plans may push "1e" pension plans of pension funds. The National Council and the Council of States have decided on an amendment to the law, which comes with more responsibility and additional investment opportunities for the insured.

  6. Moving House after Retirement

    Moving House after Retirement – Things to Consider

    The kids have moved out, the family home has become too big. Upon retirement, many couples wish to move into a smaller home better suited to their advancing years. Prospective retirees should carefully inform themselves about the financial consequences they may experience when moving to another canton.

  7. Increase in Part-Time Work Puts Pension System to the Test

    Increase in Part-Time Work Puts Pension System to the Test

    Part-time work is especially prevalent in Switzerland, particularly among women. However, it has also shown a consistent increase among men in recent years. This development poses a serious challenge to the current pension system.

  8. How Important Is the Second Pillar to Your Financial Situation in Later Years?

    An analysis by Credit Suisse economists shows that the proportion of the Swiss population covered by employee benefits insurance has risen from generation to generation. Even so, only for the higher-income brackets – including for the younger generation of retirees – is the second pillar a key component of income.

  9. Pension Fund Study: Low Interest Rates and Redistribution Are Putting Pressure to Act

    Pension Fund Study: Low Interest Rates and Redistribution Are Putting Pressure to Act

    Credit Suisse has conducted a survey of nearly 200 Swiss pension funds. The greatest challenge named by participants continues to be the prevailing low interest rate environment. Demographic change and an excessive minimum conversion rate also rank among the main concerns of pension funds.

  10. Where Can I Find Information about the Status of My Three Pillars?

    Where Can I Find Information about the Status of My Three Pillars?

    It is not very easy for people who recently started living and working in Switzerland to keep an overview of their pension status. The AHV and pension fund statement provides important information about the status of your three pillars.