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  1. Tipps zur Steuererklärung: einfach und effektiv Steuern sparen

    Save on taxes effectively. Use these tips to complete your tax return.

    Each year, Swiss taxpayers need to complete their tax returns. This can certainly become complicated depending on their personal background and financial situation. If you use these tax return tips to properly declare your income and assets, you can save on time and taxes.

  2. Swiss economy: Five stabilizing factors in times of crisis

    Persevering in crisis. Five factors keep the Swiss economy strong.

    Countries all around Switzerland are facing recession signals – yet Swiss companies are surprisingly positive about the new year and the development of the Swiss economy. Where does the confidence come from? Five factors that bolster the country's economy.

  3. Generate returns in the low interest-rate environment with a good investment strategy

    Investment strategy: Generate attractive returns in the low interest-rate environment.

    The US Federal Reserve (Fed) has announced that interest rates will remain close to zero for years to come. In the latest Investment Outlook, Credit Suisse investment experts analyze what this means for the development of returns and investment strategies.

  4. Equity markets: How investors should handle their money

    Equity markets improving after the recession

    The stock rally continues and the recession is being followed by a global recovery, which means exciting opportunities for investors. Many people are still hesitant to invest. However, this may be the perfect time to take part in the equity market.

  5. The bear market: The right way for investors to use opportunities in the stock market

    The right way for investors to use opportunities in a bear market

    You may be familiar with the stock market adage: "Sell in May and go away." It means we should divest our holdings from the first four months of the year. Does this apply to the 2020 bear market as well? Read on for an analysis. 

  6. Real estate funds offer attractive opportunities. Despite the coronavirus shock.

    Market uncertainty due to the spread of coronavirus also did not spare real estate investments. It led to severe upheavals. However, Swiss real estate funds have since recovered. They are likely to continue to offer investors reliable returns, especially in the residential segment.

  7. Market risk: Financial markets withstanding coronavirus epidemic

    Market risk from coronavirus? Don't panic.

    The coronavirus is stirring up fear. Panic is the wrong response for investors, though, since the financial markets have a healthy immune system. This is also evident when we look back on market developments during past epidemics. The market risk can be minimized through smart portfolio diversification.

  8. SNB to keep interest rates negative

    Credit Suisse publishes "Monitor Switzerland" for Q4 2019

  9. Swiss economy in 2020: Fears of recession exaggerated – consumer spending supports growth

    Credit Suisse publishes "Monitor Switzerland" for Q3 2019 and economic forecasts for Switzerland in 2020

  10. Credit Suisse continues to bolster impact investment and sustainable finance franchise through strategic senior hires

    Three senior hires further strengthen Impact Advisory and Finance Department’s reach and offering for clients