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  1. The greenproperty seal of quality

    Greenproperty. Seal of quality.

    With the development and introduction of the "greenproperty" quality seal in 2009, Credit Suisse Asset Management's Global Real Estate unit set the stage for more sustainability in real estate. For the past ten years, the quality seal has served as a guide to making long-term investment decisions.

  2. How digital technologies are turning the real estate industry upside down

    Many people use platforms like iTunes and Uber on a daily basis. What makes the business models so attractive, how do they differ from traditional business models, and to what extent do they impact the real estate industry beyond Airbnb?

  3. Economic and environmental returns. At the same time.

    Sustainable investments are very much in vogue. But how can the theme of sustainability be successfully implemented with real estate investments? And can sustainable investments really hold their own on the performance front? The Global Real Estate department of Credit Suisse Asset Management is convinced they can, and pursues a comprehensive sustainability approach in its real estate portfolio.

  4. Expert discussion: "The digital future has already arrived."

    Since October 1, 2018, Gerald Kremer has been responsible for digital transformation in the Global Real Estate division of Credit Suisse Asset Management as Chief Digital Officer. In an interview with Christoph Schumacher, Head of Credit Suisse Global Real Estate, he discusses the exciting opportunities being created by digitalization in the real estate sector in general and Global Real Estate in particular.

  5. All in one. High functionality and pleasant working environment.

    The development of the former Elektrolux site in Aarau, is a prime example of the successful transformation of an industrial district into a modern workplace with a high quality of life. One building in particular offers an impressive demonstration of this: the new headquarters of the national electric grid company Swissgrid.

  6. "The digital future has begun."

    Gerald Kremer, Chief Digital Officer, has been responsible for digital transformation in the Global Real Estate unit at Credit Suisse Asset Management since October 2018. In this interview, he talks about the promising opportunities that digitalization is bringing for the real estate sector in general as well as for Global Real Estate in particular.

  7. The oldest real estate fund in Switzerland is turning 80.

    1938 – The Série Immobilier D fund purchases its first properties, including five buildings at top-quality locations in Zurich.

  8. The future belongs to sustainable investing: momentum building in the face of a familiar challenge

    Our planet is in a bad state, and the economy is a key driver behind this development. That much is old hat. What is new is the momentum with which this is changing, from the Paris Agreement to the breakthrough of sustainable technologies on the market.

  9. Winners – why sustainable real estate pays off in the long term

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that buildings are responsible for one-third of all CO2 emissions, 40% of energy consumption and 50% of the consumption of all natural resources. Sustainability considerations are therefore a core element of investment decisions.

  10. Sustainable thinking. Always long-term oriented.

    Sustainable thinking. Always long-term oriented.

    Burkhard Varnhold reflects on long term perspectives, ESG and investor behavior.