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  1. Automated the long tail

    Automated the long tail

    If you have shopped online, the chances are you have benefitted, perhaps unknowingly, from "the long tail." The phrase, as it relates to e-commerce, was brought into common usage by Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine in his 2004 article, "The Long Tail" and later in a book of the same name.1

  2. Elevo’s microbes modulate and boost the immune system

    Elevo’s microbes modulate and boost the immune system

    The structural forces that are driving change are opening up entirely new investment opportunities. Against the dynamic global backdrop, these opportunities are by no means easy to identify and structure. Credit Suisse Asset Management has therefore defined four drivers of change and developed thematic funds covering the relevant areas of investment focus: robotics, protection and security, digital health, and infrastructure. A strict best practice approach is adopted to selecting individual securities, as the case study below illustrates.1

  3. The technology race in Electric Vehicles

    The technology race in Electric Vehicles

    The Climate Change topic has captured the public and media interest for quite some time now. With the popularity rise of this theme, other related topics rode the same wave and became object of interest for the mainstream media.

  4. “Robots and humans can make a good team.”

    When it comes to solving highly structured problems, robots are often already better than humans. To take the example of agriculture, robots can continuously monitor parcels of land to ensure the optimal use of water, fertilizers, or pesticides.

  5. Robotics & Automation: The productivity paradox

    Robotics & Automation: The productivity paradox

    Advances in technology herald the dawn of a new era. Artificial Intelligence or “A.I.” enabled by super-fast computers and accessed over high-speed wireless internet connections, will revolutionize the way we work and live.

  6. Robotics & Automation: Driving towards an autonomous future

    Robotics & Automation: Driving towards an autonomous future

    In this fast moving world people are easily distracted, especially it seems when driving. Behind the wheel for a few hours we might become sleepy or bored, perhaps we scan through the channels on the radio, attempt to drink a cup of coffee or eat a sandwich, fiddle with the car navigation system, or turn around to tell the kids to behave. 

  7. Data protection: A growing need

    Data protection: A growing need

    On 25th May 2018 a new set of rules, the General Data Protection Regulations, or “GDPR”, was put into effect in the European Union.

  8. Robotics & Automation: China on the road to innovation

    Robotics & Automation: China on the road to innovation

    President Xi is attempting to shift China’s economy from an export-driven model to one led more by domestic consumption and self-sufficiency. Robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and big data are all technologies where the administration has ambition to become a world leader. 

  9. Robotics & Automation: Everyday automation

    We have all been brainwashed to a degree by our creative friends in Hollywood and by science fiction writers the world over, to expect that technological change will arrive one day abruptly, perhaps brought to earth by alien life forms, and this change will be so significant that it will transform our lives overnight, and in the bleakest scenarios subject the human-race to servitude under the rule of a super-intelligent being or sentient machine.

  10. Transportation – an Exciting Investment Opportunity Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

    Robotics, Security and Safety:
    Are you too small for Robotics?

    As the they become advanced, robots are becoming cheaper, safer and easier to work with, which will boost market size and increase the penetration of the technology. Robotics is set to become one of the great investment trends of the coming decade.