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  1. Higher Performance

    Better performance. Sustainably.

    "Green" operation of real estate generates added value compared to conventional properties. Global Real Estate of Credit Suisse Asset Management has taken a leading role in this field globally with the first climate-neutral real estate fund, CS (Lux) European Core Property Fund Plus.

  2. How relevant are sensors for Digital Health?

    How relevant are sensors for Digital Health?

    In the last couple of years, world politics seem to be on a path where nations are increasingly growing apart. At the age of connectivity, where the six degrees of separation1 theory looks more true than ever, this is quite a direction shift. Despite this multipolar scenario, there are various common global challenges to take on.

  3. Diabetes management made easier

    Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces.

  4. Increasing energy efficiency. More than 2,600 different measures.

    Increasing energy efficiency. More than 2’600 different measures.

    About a third of all global CO2 emissions come from the real estate sector. For that reason, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings is an important part of global efforts to combat climate change.

  5. 100, 20, 10. Sustainable milestones

    100th property has been certified, 10 years of the "greenproperty" seal of quality and 20 years of the Minergie standard in Switzerland. That's the significant milestones of sustainable development in real estate industry in Switzerland.

  6. Seal of quality for sustainability: greenproperty

    Seal of quality for sustainability: greenproperty

    With the development and introduction of the "greenproperty" quality seal in 2009, Credit Suisse Asset Management's Global Real Estate unit set the stage for more sustainability in real estate. For the past ten years, the quality seal has served as a guide to making long-term investment decisions.

  7. How digital technologies are turning the real estate industry upside down

    Many people use platforms like iTunes and Uber on a daily basis. What makes the business models so attractive, how do they differ from traditional business models, and to what extent do they impact the real estate industry beyond Airbnb?

  8. Economic and environmental returns. At the same time.

    Sustainable investments are very much in vogue. But how can the theme of sustainability be successfully implemented with real estate investments? And can sustainable investments really hold their own on the performance front? The Global Real Estate department of Credit Suisse Asset Management is convinced they can, and pursues a comprehensive sustainability approach in its real estate portfolio.

  9. Sustainability: excellent.
    Location: exceptional.

    Be it a new build or an existing property – environmental factors always play a major role in real estate management. The recently completed new building at 2 Central Square in Cardiff, Wales, underpins this impressively.

  10. Expert discussion: "The digital future has already arrived."

    Since October 1, 2018, Gerald Kremer has been responsible for digital transformation in the Global Real Estate division of Credit Suisse Asset Management as Chief Digital Officer. In an interview with Christoph Schumacher, Head of Credit Suisse Global Real Estate, he discusses the exciting opportunities being created by digitalization in the real estate sector in general and Global Real Estate in particular.