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  1. Invest conservatively with freely available wealth management funds

    Wealth management funds are actively managed mixed funds that focus on bonds, equities, and alternative investments such as real estate and are based on a systematic investment process. They are particularly suited to investors who want to broadly diversify their investments with a single transaction without having to deal with the daily fluctuations on the financial markets – knowing that their investment is managed professionally and on a risk-optimized basis at all times.

  2. DLT applications for the business world

    DLT applications for the business world

    Credit Suisse Asset Management commissioned students at the University of Basel to develop solution approaches to simplifying Know Your Customer procedures. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) experts and representatives of the business community were deeply impressed by their work.

  3. The future of learning is EdTech

    The quarantining of more than a billion students and their teachers worldwide has resulted in unprecedented experimentation with education technology (EdTech), and interest in the sector has soared.

  4. Finding the next unicorn

    Finding the next unicorn

    A Thematic Private Market Equity approach enables investors to gain access to growth businesses before they go public.

  5. Telemedicine beyond COVID-19

    Telemedicine stood out to be one of the few industries that benefited from the unprecedented worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus during the first half of 2020. 

  6. For the sake of the planet – and your portfolio

    An Environmental Impact Equity strategy is a rewarding way for investors to gain access to publicly traded companies that have urgently needed potential solutions to the many environmental challenges facing society in the decades ahead.

  7. The new security line

    The need for safety and security is rising all the time, accelerated by technological developments such as the cloud or 5G. There are considerable challenges ahead.

  8. The resource of water

    Clean water is becoming a scarce commodity in an age of progressing climate change and environmental pollution. Companies can make a valuable contribution by developing technologies to purify, desalinate, and use water more efficiently.

  9. Implications of COVID-19 to the Digital Health Theme

    Interview with Pascal Mercier about the current implications of the COVID-19 crisis to the Digital Health theme.

  10. New perspectives for the organ transplantation market

    New perspectives for the organ transplantation market

    Organ transplantation helps to save overall costs. Of all organ transplantations, kidney transplantation is the most frequent by a wide margin (66% of total transplanted organs in 2016).1  Despite the high cost, various health economics studies found that the procedure is cost-saving. To mention one of the studies: “In conclusion, kidney transplantation is cost-effective across all donor types despite higher costs for marginal organs and innovative living donor practices.”2