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  1. In Cloud We Trust

    The adoption and utilization of cloud technology is rapidly changing the IT landscape. We think this technology provides the democratization of immense computing power to everybody because it gives every user the same access to powerful computing without having to set up costly data centers.

  2. How relevant are sensors for Digital Health?

    How relevant are sensors for Digital Health?

    In the last couple of years, world politics seem to be on a path where nations are increasingly growing apart. At the age of connectivity, where the six degrees of separation1 theory looks more true than ever, this is quite a direction shift. Despite this multipolar scenario, there are various common global challenges to take on.

  3. Robotics & Automation: The productivity paradox

    Robotics & Automation: The productivity paradox

    Advances in technology herald the dawn of a new era. Artificial Intelligence or “A.I.” enabled by super-fast computers and accessed over high-speed wireless internet connections, will revolutionize the way we work and live.

  4. What can Digital Health do for China?

    What can Digital Health do for China?

    Healthcare systems around the world have gotten out of balance over the past couple of years. Demographic shifts toward aging society, among others, has led to a growing cost issue for most of them. Cost and capacity issues usually can be solved by increasing efficiency. So, how can efficiency be improved within global healthcare systems?

  5. Hardware hacking and its consequences

    Hardware hacking and its consequences

    As we observe the growth in global data traffic, driven by entertainment content and corporate data, a notable (and previously almost non-existent) part of the new “datasphere” is emerging. 

  6. Infrastructure equity in rising rate environment

    Infrastructure equity in rising rate environment

    This year in financial markets marks not only the return of volatility, but also rising interest rates – something investors had not seen for a decade. Naturally, this backdrop raises debates about a number of investments, among which infrastructure equity is no exception. This article discusses what rising rates mean for infrastructure stocks, and why the financial profile of these companies should not be viewed as bond-like in the context of rates.

  7. Robotics & Automation: Driving towards an autonomous future

    Robotics & Automation: Driving towards an autonomous future

    In this fast moving world people are easily distracted, especially it seems when driving. Behind the wheel for a few hours we might become sleepy or bored, perhaps we scan through the channels on the radio, attempt to drink a cup of coffee or eat a sandwich, fiddle with the car navigation system, or turn around to tell the kids to behave. 

  8. China’s New Retails: Seamless Platforms, Distinct Consumer Behavior

    China’s New Retails

    In retail trade, China is becoming the front-runner in innovative technologies, new sales channels and changing consumer behavior. No fewer than 20% of all retail purchases are already made online. Growth is driven by the generation of Chinese born after 1990, who demonstrate an above-average willingness to spend.

  9. Index of the future

    Index of the Future

    At present, the main equity indices do not provide an adequate reflection of China’s economic standing in the world. This is largely because, in the past, foreign investors could only gain access to the market for Chinese domestic stocks, or A-shares, subject to major restrictions. 

  10. Chinese for Savvy Investors

    There is no alternative in the long run to investing in China’s equity market. Ample opportunities for globally oriented investors are there for the taking. All the same, a mindful eye should be kept on the risks.