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  1. Convertible bonds – the best of both worlds

    In this entry in our series of interviews on current topics, Senior Portfolio Manager Lukas Buxtorf talks about convertible bonds, an asset class that combines features of both bonds and equities and thus occupies a unique position in the investment landscape. 

  2. COVID-19 and investment-grade emerging-market bonds

    In our latest interview, Senior Portfolio Manager Andreas Fischer explains how investment-grade emerging-market bonds have been affected by the crisis and describes the investment opportunities presented by the current situation.

  3. COVID-19 crisis: an emerging-market corporate bond perspective

    In the latest of our series of short interviews, Claudia von Waldkirch, Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses emerging-market (EM) corporate bonds and explains why she sees particularly favorable opportunities in Latin American (LatAm) issuers.

  4. Emerging Markets: Fundamentals Intact Offering Attractive Entry Points

    After the surprising results of the US election, emerging markets sold off sharply. We believe that this was driven by sentiment rather than fundamentals. The new levels should offer attractive entry points for investors.