Optimize your total assets with 1e pension solutions

Want to choose your own investment strategy for employee benefits insurance? Why not? Credit Suisse offers entrepreneurs and executives comprehensive advice with 1e pension solutions, full profit on the returns generated, protection from redistribution, and no underfunding risks.

Stay flexible with 1e pension solutions

The 1e pension plans meet the growing requirements for more flexibility and individualization of pension provisions. They give you, the insured, the freedom to independently choose your investment strategy in line with your risk ability and risk tolerance.

What is a 1e pension plan?

The designation "1e plan" refers to Article 1e of the Ordinance on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVV 2). The 1e pension assets are fully segregated from other pension fund assets. Unlike with a normal pension fund, the insured can determine their own investment strategy for their invested pension assets.


However, depending on their risk profile, those insured in a 1e plan can select from up to ten investment strategies, at least one of which must be low risk. This allows insured persons to benefit from higher potential returns.

1e pension solutions offer many advantages

For your company

  • Underfunding of the employee benefits fund is impossible because the insured bears responsibility for risks and opportunities based on their own preferences. 

  • Accounting treatment as a defined contribution plan means the reserves required for covering asset losses in employee benefits insurance can be reduced (under IAS 19).

  • The pension solution can be optimally adapted to needs. 

  • Systematic advice on all aspects of employee benefits insurance.

For you and your employees

  • Protection against redistribution, as the pension assets are managed separately from each other.

  • Investment returns can be enhanced through revised liquidity and risk restrictions. 

  • Investments can be adjusted monthly based on personal circumstances and plans.

  • Systematic advice on all aspects of employee benefits insurance.

Four case studies on purchases in 1e pension solutions

The insured can benefit in various situations from systematic 1e pension solution purchases: 

Withdrawal strategy

Tax burdens can be reduced with systematic purchases in 1e pension solutions.


Preparation for company transfer

Liquidity not needed for business operations can be withdrawn and combined with purchases in 1e pension solutions.


Continued employment after sale of business

Regular purchases in 1e pension solutions using funds from the sales proceeds can help to reduce income tax.


Variable compensation of management

Generating additional purchasing potential with funds from variable compensation can lead to more flexibility for purchases in 1e pension solutions.

1e pension solutions from Credit Suisse

Gain these advantages with the 1e pension solutions of Credit Suisse:

Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e

Employee benefits insurance that offers employees more control with personalized advice for your company and your employees: Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e is designed for collective investment and management of pension capital under 1e pension plans.


Personal consultation

Do you have questions? Would you like a consultation on 1e pension plans? We look forward to assisting you. Please contact us by phone or email to schedule a personal meeting with our experts.