Effectively secure trade finance payments and services in foreign trade

Secure payments and services in international trade? Why not. With letters of credit, documentary collection, and guarantees we support you in securing and processing your transactions in foreign trade.

Balance the risks in foreign trade

SMEs doing business with international clients must carefully manage the risks of payment defaults. Importers must protect themselves against a business partner not delivering despite having received payment.


Letters of credit and documentary collection are two internationally recognized methods with which you can protect yourself against these risks. This allows you to benefit from the greatest possible certainty in the handling of your international trade transactions.

Letters of credit

When a letter of credit is signed, a bank makes a promise to pay a certain amount in an agreed currency. However, the prerequisite is that the required and agreed documents are submitted at the specified time. The bank thereby assumes the payment obligation.

Documentary collection

In the case of documentary collection, a bank assumes the task of presenting to the buyer the documents proving the delivery of goods. The bank does not enter into a payment obligation, but only acts as a trustee.

Benefits of letters of credit and documentary collection

Payment and performance security with guarantees and sureties

We act as a guarantor or provide surety for your claim or obligation. This allows you to limit any losses in the event of a faulty delivery when purchasing a product. Or you can protect yourself against a possible payment refusal by your clients in a sale. With our extensive expertise we will tailor the perfect solution for your needs.


With Direct Trade Finance you can easily place your orders online and access all the relevant data at any time. This means you benefit from better data quality and greater transparency in your transactions.

Personal consultation

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