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Monitor Switzerland

Credit Suisse's Monitor Switzerland is published four times a year and provides insights into all relevant market developments in the Swiss economic center. This includes both reviews and the relevant trends and forecasts of future developments – a cornerstone for important corporate decisions.

The Swiss interest bonus is back. But is it here to stay?

The Swiss interest bonus is the yield difference between foreign and Swiss nominal interest rates on government bonds. Where does it currently stand?
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Monitor Switzerland addresses various areas of the Swiss economy:

The Swiss office market is holding up well

Supply and demand on the office market are marked by uncertainty following the pandemic. The real estate study covers all the developments surrounding office space.
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Global CO2 tax: What does this mean for Swiss consumer demand?

What are the potential consequences of a CO2 tax? We looked at four greenflation scenarios. Read about the potential inflation caused by a CO2 tax.
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The shortage of skilled workers is real. Swiss SMEs are looking for solutions.

For many Swiss SMEs, the shortage of skilled workers is an unfortunate reality. Most SMEs are responding with continuing professional development.
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