Looking to the future – at the fourth Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs' Conference 2021

What trends will influence the economy after COVID? How can Swiss companies respond? Renowned experts will meet at the fourth Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs' Conference held November 8–10, 2021, to discuss the most important topics for entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

The world will be forever changed after the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the markets have recovered to a large degree, a great deal of uncertainty remains. The big question is what the world will be like after the pandemic. How can entrepreneurs best equip themselves for it?

A return to normal after the pandemic

"Once the increased availability of vaccines greatly reduces the number of deaths from COVID-19, many regions should return to their normal economic cycle," said Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe, Head of Global Economics & Research and Chief Investment Officer at International Wealth Management, Credit Suisse.


Yet the "new normal" will be different from the world before COVID-19. "The pandemic has changed a lot of things and further accelerated the structural transformation that is already ongoing in many industries," noted Fredy Hasenmaile, Head of Real Estate Economics at Credit Suisse. What do these trends mean in real terms for entrepreneurs and investors? Fredy Hasenmaile will use the real estate industry to explain just that at this year's Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs' Conference. Both experts will then take an in-depth look at this question as they outline the challenges and opportunities for the economy and real estate in a post-COVID world.

Be part of the discussion at the Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs' Conference

"Engineer the future as an entrepreneur? Why not?" That is the theme of this year's Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs' Conference held November 8–10, 2021. Inspiring breakout sessions and keynote speeches will feature renowned speakers from business, politics, and research who will share their expertise with the audience.


Topics range from the opportunities afforded by sustainable business models to future relations between Switzerland and the EU to new options for effective liquidity management thanks to digitalization. Issues relating to workflow organization will also be discussed. Experts from Ernst & Young will discuss experiences working from home and how SMEs can benefit from these new working models. Mark Streit, a record-holding Swiss ice hockey player in the NHL and Monisha Kaltenborn, CEO of Racing Unleashed, will talk about the similarities between top performers in sports and in the corporate world. And Jacques Pitteloud, Swiss Ambassador to the US, will explain the role of the United States in the new global power play, and what this means for investments by Swiss SMEs. Along with President of the Swiss Confederation Guy Parmelin, these are just some of the many experts who will share news and views with the audience.

Attend the Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs' Conference: live in person or digitally

This year, the Entrepreneurs' Conference will be held in hybrid format for the first time. Apart from on-site events, entrepreneurs can also network, access additional resources, and find background information virtually. Don't miss this chance! Sign up now.

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