Advisory services for executives

Top managers often have little time to look after their personal finances adequately. With this in mind, Credit Suisse provides its executive offering as a supplement to standard banking services.​

The executive offering from Credit Suisse

Calling all top managers: We have a comprehensive executive offering for you. Comprising eight modules, it complements our current private banking services. These modules address the specific needs of executives and offer comprehensive advice as well as specific solutions – ideally tailored to your individual life situation and needs.

The eight modules of the executive offering

Loans against listed, single-stock positions create liquidity without the need to sell positions from employee participation programs. The new funds can be used for portfolio diversification or other projects, such as purchasing real estate.

Equities in one's own company from compensation plans often represent a concentration risk for executives. Bespoke diversification portfolios from the executive offering optimize the risk/return ratio of investments. Option strategies can also increase returns or hedge against unfavorable price trends.

Investors gain access to leading growth ventures, SMEs seeking successors, and other top investments in private equity, and benefit from expert, personalized advice.

An analysis of the tax burden identifies any optimization potential in the case of complex compensation models and asset situations. Executives also receive assistance with tax-efficient wealth accumulation, including an individual management and sales strategy for company equities.

A contingency plan provides the best possible protection in case of an unfortunate event. The offer includes a will review, an advance directive, as well as other important contracts and powers of attorney.

The executive offering comprises an analysis of the current personal and financial situation as well as the development of a personal pension plan. 1e pension solutions also generate additional flexibility in extra-mandatory employee benefits insurance.

Employee participation plans are an important tool for the retention of skilled employees; however, the increasingly complex regulatory environment makes implementation more difficult. One answer to this problem is the Employee Share Ownership Service (ESOS) with customized employee participation plans and an online software solution, which ensures straightforward and correct processing.

The executive offering also includes fringe benefits, with all employees of the company benefiting from attractive terms on a wide range of banking services. In addition to the preferential terms and conditions, the offering includes advisory services – such as retirement events, pension provision seminars, and rapid and straightforward account opening for newcomers to Switzerland.

A customized solution for each life stage

Whether you are new to Switzerland, about to form your own company, or ready to retire, the executive offering has a variety of modules to fit your life situation.

Relocation to Switzerland

New to Switzerland? Credit Suisse is happy to assist with any financial questions you may have so that you can hit the ground running. 


We offer advice on the following topics:

  • Rapid opening of a salary account and provision of payment methods.

  • Access to information on the Swiss tax, pension, and succession system.

  • Individual tax advice and comparison of tax calculations for choice of domicile, including negotiations with tax authorities and preliminary tax rulings to make the most of your potential tax savings.

  • Estimate of real estate purchase prices. 

  • Individual retirement planning, including questions about how best to provide security for your family, and help with marriage contracts and inheritance issues.

  • Preferential terms and conditions on bank products for employees.

From executive to entrepreneur

Ready to take your career to the next level? Then the executive offering provides the right support by paving the way for interesting investment opportunities. Let us assist you with our long-term expertise. Our personal guidance for future entrepreneurs includes the following:

  • Access to the contact network and investor platform of Credit Suisse with a special introduction.
  • Investment opportunities in unlisted companies as a direct investment or via leading private equity vehicles.

  • Advisory services for the financing of acquisitions, especially for management buyouts too.

  • Identifying the pension solution and 1e investment strategy for the best possible retirement savings for yourself and your family, even when you take on an entrepreneurial risk.

  • Comprehensive financial advice and tax consulting for life changes.

Exit from the company

Leaving the company is a turning point for many and a new beginning. For the most seamless exit possible, it's important to analyze and take account of all the relevant aspects. The executive offering offers comprehensive advice on the following points:

  • Analysis of the exit conditions (including the tax situation) 

  • Early optimization of the pension plan and 1e investment strategy to build up retirement assets 

  • Advice regarding the employer's predefined exit procedures 

  • Review of the handling of employee participations upon exit from the company  

  • Review of options in relation to your pension situation, e.g. in the case of a sabbatical 

  • Advice and implementation of diversification strategies for the right risk/return ratio on your investments in order to realize your goals even after exiting the company  

  • Analysis of risk coverage after leaving the company.

Personal consultation

Do you have any questions? Would you like advice about our solutions for executives? Contact us to schedule a personal consultation with our experts.