Orange payment slips are a thing of the past. Switch to using QR-bills now.

It’s almost time. After September 30, 2022, the only way to pay invoices will be by using a QR-bill or eBill. Red and orange payment slips have outlived their usefulness. We explain what switching to QR-bills means for companies and what benefits the new payment slips have.

Orange payment slips are being replaced

Switzerland's system of billing is about to undergo a fundamental change. From October 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible to pay bills using red and orange payment slips. These slips are being replaced by QR-bills and eBills. Companies need to act now and convert their billing systems.

Switching to QR-bills takes time

There is one rule when converting to a system of QR billing: The sooner you have it in place, the better. That is because, depending on the payment terms you have agreed on with your customers, it may take several months before they pay their bills. It is crucial for billers to ensure that there are no more outdated payment slips in circulation on October 1, 2022. All individual invoices and standing orders based on orange pay slips and that are still unpaid on that date can no longer be paid and will result in additional effort and expense.

First, each one of those invoices will need to be reissued as a QR-bill. Then, the second invoice may lead to your customers asking questions or becoming annoyed. In individual cases, the result of all this can be delays in payment, which increases the risk of liquidity shortages for billers.

By making the switch early, you give your invoice recipients the time they need to modify their standing orders and master data well in advance of the cut-off date on September 30, 2022.

Payment at the click of a mouse: eBill invoicing service

You gain several advantages by digitalizing your billing. Our network partner makes it easy and secure for you to send eBills directly to your customers' online and mobile banking system for approval. Leave the preparation and dispatch of your invoices to Avaloq Outline AG, our capable and established network partner. Their eBill invoicing service reduces your workload, enables you to receive your money more promptly, and makes it much simpler for your customers to pay their bills.

QR-bills have benefits for billers

Not only is the switch to QR-bills necessary, but it also provides numerous benefits for billers.

  • Billers can generate QR-bills easily, on their own, and without using preprinted forms.
  • QR-bills can be used in both physical and digital form.
  • Thanks to the QR code, clients make fewer recording errors, enabling you, as the biller, to receive your money more accurately.

Corporate clients of Credit Suisse who do not yet use business software have various options for generating QR-bills – at no additional cost.

For example, you can produce complete QR-bills using KLARA online business software free of charge, while also benefiting from automatic reconciliation of unpaid items and automatic booking.

Furthermore, you have access to the free QR-bill generator, developed in collaboration with Lerchmüller AG. It allows you to create individual invoices or series of up to 24 QR-bills free of charge. 

Convert your billing system to QR-bills now!