The right growth funding for young companies

For companies that are just starting out, continuous growth is vital. However, every stage of growth puts a strain on the company's own resources. Our tailored financing solutions for startups in their growth phase allow you to retain your company's financial flexibility and set the course for future success.

Long-term success in the market requires young companies in particular to constantly invest in their growth and expand their capacity. However, raising the capital to do this is a critical step for many startups – and a major challenge.

Building enough equity from retained earnings creates opportunity costs and takes a long time. During that time, the company will be unable to take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Yet, bringing in new external investors can limit the independence of the company’s management.

Growth loan for startups – an effective way to fund growth

In many cases, using debt capital to fund growth can make sense. A growth loan for startups allows young companies with innovative business models to benefit from the greatest possible flexibility when utilizing their credit line. What's more, there are no long delays or shifts in ownership. This modular solution makes it possible to precisely tailor financing to the needs of each individual startup, meaning the capital required to cover running costs or major investments is available at all times.

Your benefits with a growth loan for startups

Technology Fund – loan guarantees for innovative startups

On behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), the Technology Fund supports innovative Swiss companies that help cut greenhouse gas emissions. Companies enjoy better conditions for raising debt capital thanks to the guarantees issued. On the website, interested entrepreneurs can learn within five minutes whether their projects meet the key requirements.


Growth loan for startups in detail

To apply for growth financing using a growth loan for startups, the company must meet various conditions.


  • Independent startup in its expansion phase
  • Innovative business model
  • Market-ready product that is generating revenue
  • Potential to break even at net profit level in one to two years
  • Ability to call up additional capital from existing investors


  • Loan in the form of a fixed advance with a term of 1–12 months, current account credit or guarantee limit
  • Individual interest rate and processing fee
  • As a rule, no collateral necessary

Individual growth financing for startups

Are you looking for a simple and flexible solution to finance your startup? Our partner, TP24, offers business loans for which the credit line is continuously updated in line with your current accounts receivable. All you need to do is submit your accounts receivable electronically once a week. Your advantage is that TP24 will waive the business loan set-up fee for corporate clients of Credit Suisse.

Personal consultation

Do you have any questions, or would you like advice about our financing solutions? Please contact your client advisor or fill out the contact form. We are available to assist you in person.