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Less silo thinking, more networking – that’s what Viva Group AG stands for. The company is reimagining the care sector and focusing on what individual regions actually need.

What is the best part of working in the healthcare sector?

Christian Gyger (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Viva Group AG) It’s all about providing effective support for people in challenging situations. This is what motivates us.


What developments are you currently seeing in the industry?

Roland Brun (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Viva Group AG) More and more, services are concentrated in central hospitals. That requires new approaches to providing care in individual regions.


What were the origins of Viva Group AG?

B It began with Solviva, a family-owned business. We have always been active in the traditional nursing home sector; today we are focusing more on specialized care.


What three values does your company embody?

B It is family-focused, innovative, and solution-oriented.


In what way are you breaking new ground?

G Our family of companies is making a lot of changes; we are designing and operating new kinds of healthcare centers, and we are growing rapidly. We are looking to add 150 employees by 2025.

B Many service providers in the healthcare system operate in silos. We are seeking service-related and infrastructural synergies with other provides.

In what areas do you outperform your competitors?

G It’s not about competition. Our specialized care services fill existing gaps in the care sector, and we have the internal expertise needed to build and operate healthcare centers.


What is your professional background?

B I began my career in the healthcare sector, and was involved in organizational and management consulting, then in site and market development.

G I completed an apprenticeship in banking. After earning a degree in economics, I joined the family business. I took over as its head in 2010.


How important is it to you that the company is family-owned?

B The term doesn’t simply refer to the family that founded the company. We see ourselves as an enterprise that embraces family values.


How would you describe your leadership style?

G Hierarchies are of little significance. We attach great importance to trust, fairness, and creative freedom.


What has been your biggest challenge so far?

B Generational change. Willi Gyger died suddenly in a cycling accident. We have kept his spirit alive, while still taking the company in a new direction.


If you had one wish, what would it be?

G I would wish for greater appreciation of the healthcare profession. It’s a wonderful profession.


What are the biggest challenges facing you right now?

B Dealing with the rapid growth we’re currently experiencing.

G Finding employees.


What headline would you like to see about the Viva Group AG?

B A partner for innovative healthcare solutions.


Where will the Viva Group AG be in five years?

B It will have built two or three more institutions, and doubled the number of beds and employees.

G Despite our growth, we will have maintained our values and remained true to our philosophy.

Viva Group AG

Number of employees: 250
Headquarters: Lucerne
Scope of activities: It designs, builds, and operates healthcare, nursing care, and residential centers for people in a variety of life situations.