La Plaine platform or re-recycling mineral materials forever

There are alliances that don’t wait for an ecological emergency to create change in Switzerland. The La Plaine platform founders have long understood that the country’s future in terms of recycling and upgrading mineral materials has shifted from a partnership-based, environmentally friendly vision toward a sustainable economy.

Raymond Moinat and Blaise Henry, members of the Board of Directors of H2M Exploitation, told us that they had been lucky in their journey with the La Plaine platform, from purchasing the land in 2013 to launching its activities in 2020. Much like a series of events coming together like a puzzle, things followed on naturally, one after the other. It was initially a small project that has since taken on much bigger proportions, thanks to partners with which they have been able to find solutions in everyone’s interests.

“You have to be humble in order to listen to others and take into account the various opinions. The best solutions are found when people put their heads together – it is the cornerstone of success, in my opinion,” says Raymond Moinat.

Different professions combined in the service of a sustainable economy

Above all, the La Plaine platform is a meeting point of different businesses, creating synergies across several players whose aim is to eliminate all intermediate transport of demolition materials in order to recycle them, upcycle them, and turn them into concrete. Occupying a 36,000 m2 site in Vufflens-la-Ville, the La Plaine platform, a unique and forward-looking concept, plans to recycle 150,000 tons of mineral building materials per year by diverting them from landfills, harnessing the synergies of four complementary partner companies.

Strategically situated close to rail links and major building sites in Lausanne on the Geneva-Zurich line, the platform promotes urban mining. Once harvested from nature, resources are now being drawn from urban demolition, preserving natural resources.

The La Plaine platform is spread across four interconnected partner companies. H2M Exploitation SA is responsible for the recycling of the demolition materials that BGO SA uses for the production of concrete. Ecosor SA cleans up polluted materials. And finally, Henry Recycling is responsible for the upcycling of construction waste.

Entrepreneurship in their blood

For our two visionaries, being a good entrepreneur means having ideas, and knowing how to rally the troops and lead them toward great things. In addition to being visionary, a good entrepreneur must go the extra mile while keeping a close eye on their investments, their risk-taking, and their efforts. A mixture of boldness and wisdom. According to them, this is one of the factors in the success of the La Plaine platform.

“When you work on a project, you have to assume that you are going to make mistakes. But when you know your area well, have a feel for the market, and have a good understanding of your environment, you ultimately don’t stray too far off course,” sums up Raymond Moinat.

H2M Exploitation SA

Number of employees:  25
Founded in: 2020
Headquarters: Vufflens-la-Ville (Canton of Vaud)
Scope of activities: Center for the revaluation of mineral materials