Anticipating the housing market

The Galli Immobiliare company, headquartered in Graubünden, sees itself as a global consultant for commercial and residential properties, not simply as a service provider.

Fabiana Galli, since taking over as CEO of Galli Immobiliare in 2011 you’ve given this venerable company a new look. How have you been able to do that?

Fabiana Galli I changed our approach. In today’s world, real estate management alone is not enough. People need holistic, innovative residential options. We think holistically, taking into account the surrounding area in order to create the feeling of a neighborhood. It’s not enough just to have a place to live; people need to feel at home.


What does that mean, in practical terms?

Galli We always look at a building as a whole: the surroundings, the orientation of the structure, sunlight, whether there are green areas and spaces for socializing, the quality of the construction materials, and the environmental footprint. Our goal is to provide the best possible conditions for the people who live or work in one of our properties, so that they can stay there for a long time. As a result, we have very few vacancies, and we have been very successful with the initial letting of our properties.

«There are many unknowns in the market, but we always try to stay a step ahead.»

Fabiana Galli

The Galli Immobiliare team is predominantly female. How did that come about?

Galli I know from personal experience how challenging it is to balance the demands of a job and a family, and I wanted to create an environ-ment that makes that possible. This also gave us a market advantage: Women tend to be more attuned to the practical aspects of a home. We have eight employees, six women and two men, and that makes for a positive working environment.


Galli Immobiliare is part of a larger company. What advantages does that offer?

Galli Our company belongs to the Galli Group holding company, which began as a construction company. Over a period of more than 40 years, it developed into a group of six companies representing a variety of sectors. Being part of a group that shares a common vision and common values leads to certain synergies. For example, we take advantage of internal expertise when reviewing and optimizing the technical aspects of a project. So we act as a consultant rather than a service provider.


What are your next steps when it comes to innovation?

Galli There are many unknowns in the market, but we always try to stay a step ahead. For example, in the future people will be able to view our properties virtually.

Galli Immobiliare SA

Number of employees: 8 (6 women, 2 men)
Founded in: 1981
Grono, Canton of Graubünden, with an office in Rivera, Canton of Ticino
Scope of activities: Real estate management and administration, promotion, and consulting; initial letting