«escher» Watchlist 2022

Every company is as unique as its products and services – and the people behind them. As a long-time partner to the Swiss business community, we gain valuable insights into many of these firms.

Nine exceptional companies are on our watch list this year. In the past, they’ve all demonstrated that they’re able to shrewdly assess the market and respond quickly. The SMEs on our list have found their niche market and have been able to shape it thanks to their powerful inventive genius. On this basis, they have the ideal prerequisites to stand out again in 2022.


Our 2022 watch list profiles companies under the categories innovation«young guns», and tradition.



Anja Graf sees entrepreneurial freedom as the key to her success. If she smells a good business deal, she acts immediately. It’s a strategy that has paid off: Visionapartments, a company that began with a single unit on Zurich’s Letzigraben street, now has 2,000 apartments and a network of partners.


Ascenseurs Menétrey SA

Thanks to its ingenuity, Ascenseurs Menétrey SA continues to turn specific customer requests into innovative products, even after nearly 100 years as a family firm.


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Young guns


From their first experiments at home to a startup that aims to revolutionize the packaging industry: Mycrobez offers the mass market a promising alternative to foam packaging that’s made entirely of compostable mushroom-based composite.


Deep Breath Intelligence

Predicting whether patients will respond to a drug – in real time and without an invasive procedure: The Deep Breath Intelligence digital platform makes this possible.


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Anyone who drives a bus or a train has surely come into contact with a number of EAO AG products. The family-owned company based in Olten manufactures buttons, switches, and complete operating systems, including those used in public transportation. In an interview, CEO Kurt Loosli discusses ergonomics and aesthetics for operating elements and the courage to experiment.


Mila d’Opiz

In 1938, Emilia Opitz-Altherr, a young woman from Appenzell, experimented with skin-care products, selling the results door-to-door. Two generations later, this homegrown business has evolved into a global manufacturer of cosmetics made to exacting standards. The St.Gallen-based company is still female-owned.



What began as a gravel pit has evolved into an award-winning camping village. Campofelice’s third-generation leadership continues to operate the campground with the same dedication and spirit.


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