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Hawa Sliding Solutions AG is passionate about sliding solutions, and its innovative products can be found on buildings, in buildings, and in furniture. How the company became a market leader and the challenges it faces along the way.

Versatile sliding solutions worldwide

Swiss heritage combined with an international mindset – Hawa Sliding Solutions AG keeps things running smoothly the world over. With production sites in Mettmenstetten (Zurich) and Sirnach (Thurgau), this Swiss company supplies clients in Europe, the US, and Asia with its inspiring sliding systems – on buildings, in buildings, and in furniture.


Hawa Sliding Solutions AG's sophisticated sliding systems can be found in hotels, homes, offices, shopping areas, the healthcare sector, and schools – though the technology may not always be immediately obvious. This versatility is exactly why the company is a global technology and market leader in sliding solutions.


Dual leadership at Hawa Sliding Solutions AG

"We have specialized in sliding systems for over 50 years. We know almost everything there is to know on the subject and we therefore want to use our experience in this niche sector to its full potential," says Co-CEO Ezequiel Di Claudio. Quality and reliability have always been the company's main priorities: "We are known by our clients as a premium brand. Our solutions are easy to install and work seamlessly," adds Co-CEO Peter Möller.


Hawa Sliding Solutions AG was first established as a family firm, but since 2021 the company has been run by non-family members for the first time in a history that stretches back over more than 50 years. Ezequiel Di Claudio and Peter Möller share the executive management responsibilities. According to the two CEOs, having a dual leadership strategy has worked out well: "Sharing the role means that not only are we able to better manage the complexity of the work, but we're also able to move ahead with more projects simultaneously," explains Peter Möller. Ezequiel Di Claudio adds: "This also means that the culture within the company is less about the individual, and the mutual responsibility ultimately leads to better decisions."


Correctly anticipating trends in sliding systems

Together, the two CEOs not only manage current projects but also keep an eye on emerging trends in the industry, with topics such as sustainability, microliving, and the Silver Society being a particular focus.


"In total, we are following around seven current trends. We obviously cannot be a leader in every area, so we have to make some decisions and position ourselves accordingly," says Ezequiel Di Claudio.

"We know almost everything there is to know about sliding systems."
Ezequiel Di Claudio, Co-CEO of Hawa Sliding Solutions AG

Revolutionizing sliding systems with innovative ideas

This sliding systems specialist is by no means lacking in the kind of innovative ideas needed to position itself perfectly for future trends. Hawa Sliding Solutions AG goes to great lengths to keep impressing its clients with innovative solutions – such as holding workshops with external experts in order to gain additional knowledge and learn about the needs within the industry. "Consulting experts is extremely worthwhile as it also provides our innovation team with continuous and valuable food for thought," explains Peter Möller.


Our own environments can also be a source of inspiration for innovation: "If you have arthritis, opening a door can be uncomfortable and painful, especially if the door becomes stuck. Most of us in the team know someone who is affected by this issue, which is why we have tried to find a solution to help people in this situation," explains Ezequiel Di Claudio. That solution was a sliding door that requires very little effort to open. The company developed a completely new technology in order to turn this vision into a reality.

"We want to be the market leader in our niche."

The development of innovative ideas is evidence of how the world is evolving. Needs and value chains are changing. "If we are to remain a strong partner in the market, we need to analyze our role and adjust it as necessary," says Ezequiel Di Claudio. The company must also tackle challenges such as ongoing digitalization, automation, and internationalization.


However, the two CEOs see these challenges as an opportunity because they help the company to keep growing. "Changes in the market are opening up new opportunities in a variety of areas. The world is our oyster. We want to make full use of this potential in order to be the market leader in our niche," says Ezequiel Di Claudio, who is looking to the future with optimism.

About the company

Number of employees: 240
Founded in: 1965
Headquarters: Mettmenstetten, Canton Zurich
Scope of activities: Development of innovative solutions for sliding systems on buildings, in buildings, and in furniture.
Noteworthy: Dual leadership in the executive board


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