"escher" insights. Fascinating background facts and market views

Portraits of innovative companies, current developments, and new opportunities for Swiss SMEs. Find out key information about the Swiss market in the "escher" yearbook and our articles.

"escher" insights.

Fascinating background facts and market views 

Portraits of innovative companies, current developments, and new opportunities for Swiss SMEs. Find out key information about the Swiss market in the "escher" yearbook and our articles.

What opportunities are in store for 2023? What role do geopolitical tensions and hybrid work play in success? Which nine unique SMEs have made it onto our watchlist this year? Find out more about the secrets to their success and how they are faring in the market.

The 2023 yearbook for entrepreneurs

The "escher" yearbook focuses on current topics for entrepreneurs. Read interesting company profiles, insights from our SME study, expert forecasts and assessments, and fascinating articles that will help you in your day-to-day business activities.


FX Survey 2024 – exchange rate forecast

In turbulent times, exchange rates are of crucial importance for international companies. But what can and should they do in this regard? The study by Credit Suisse provides forecasts on foreign exchange rate development and offers an overview of how Swiss companies hedge their foreign exchange risks.


Important information and current developments in the Swiss market

Which current developments are shaping the Swiss market? Which sectors are facing challenges and which are encountering new opportunities? Find out more about these and other topics related to the Swiss economy.

The shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland is worsening

The Swiss labor market is rapidly approaching its limits. The Q3 Monitor with forecasts for 2023 examines how the shortage of skilled workers is affecting wage growth.
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The Swiss office market is holding up well

Supply and demand on the office market are marked by uncertainty following the pandemic. The real estate study covers all the developments surrounding office space.
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Global CO2 tax: What does this mean for Swiss consumer demand?

What are the potential consequences of a CO2 tax? We looked at four greenflation scenarios. Read about the potential inflation caused by a CO2 tax.
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The shortage of skilled workers is real. Swiss SMEs are looking for solutions.

For many Swiss SMEs, the shortage of skilled workers is an unfortunate reality. Most SMEs are responding with continuing professional development.
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esg2go rating and reporting standard for SMEs. Open, systematic, effective.

It has been difficult for SMEs to report their sustainability footprint – that is, their environmental impact ("E"), social contribution ("S"), and quality of corporate governance ("G"). To remedy the situation and illustrate the active contribution ("handprint") made by SMEs in precise terms, i.e. without greenwashing, the CCRS institute has developed the esg2go rating and reporting standard.
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Economic recovery is only temporarily on hold

Swiss GDP is on the rise, but supply chain bottlenecks are somber news for 2022. However, the slump in economic recovery is not expected to last.
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Despite COVID – retailers pleased with 2021

COVID is still affecting the bottom line for Swiss retailers. Will it remain that way? What about online retail? The Retail Outlook for 2022 has some answers.
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Many Swiss companies are struggling to recruit

The Swiss labor market is recovering – unemployment is falling, and there are more job vacancies. Recruitment is becoming increasingly difficult as a result.
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The pandemic and digitalization. How will the Swiss office property market react?

Are office buildings becoming less important? Read our assessment of the office property market and learn what the future will bring for the office sector.
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Successful entrepreneurship. Swiss SMEs prepare for the future.

Entrepreneurial success after COVID-19? The 2021 Entrepreneurs' Conference showed first hand how Swiss SMEs are making the best possible preparations for the future.
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Looking to the future – at the fourth Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs' Conference 2021

What should Swiss companies expect after the pandemic? Renowned speakers will explore the key questions for SMEs and entrepreneurship in a post-COVID world.
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Economic recovery under way – but not in every sector

Swiss GDP is growing strongly and the economic crisis seems to be over, although some sectors are lagging behind in the recovery process.
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Financial markets unsettled by growing inflation risk

The rising price of goods is fueling inflation rates worldwide. For Switzerland, however, the long-term inflation risk remains minimal.
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Consumption in Switzerland: Industries struggle in the wake of lockdowns

Once the lockdown ends, a boost in consumer spending will breathe new life into the Swiss economy. Read about which industries will benefit and which ones will take a back seat for now.
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