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Transferring the management of a company from one generation to the next is a complex procedure that confronts entrepreneurs with wide-ranging challenges. Our teams of specially trained advisors at various locations throughout Switzerland understand your needs and are familiar with tried-and-tested solutions. 

5 step succession process

Start dealing with the subject of succession early on - long before the time actually comes - because your company or you personally may need structural adjustments before the actual succession itself. With the help of our network of experts, you will receive a clear overview of your current situation and the possible hurdles in succession planning. This process can be roughly divided into five phases.

Once you have an initial consideration of succession, we will help you to initiate and substantiate the thought process. We would be happy to explain the various phases of the succession process with their respective milestones to you in a personal meeting. If you would like us to support you in this process, we will be happy to put together an individually tailored project team with experts from various areas of the bank for you.

Together we will analyze your current business and private situation and determine your personal ideas and goals. From this as-is analysis, we will define the first business (e.g. founding an AG) and / or private (pension analysis, matrimonial, inheritance law, pension commission) preparatory tasks, which our specialists will be happy to support you in implementing.

We evaluate and prioritize various options both within the family and externally, which means:

  • Pointing out advantages and disadvantages of possible succession options
  • Pointing out requirements for implementing each option
  • Applying experience from other solutions related to succession
  • Searching for potential buyers

Together we prepare the company, the departing entrepreneur and the incoming entrepreneur for the handover. In this step we assist you in:


  • Structuring your private wealth and the company's assets
  • Executing the financial plan based on marital property law, inheritance law, and private financial planning
  • Supporting the successor in drawing up a business plan and liquidity planning

In the final step of the successor assuming management and ownership, we are there to offer you support in:

  • Conducting asset transactions
  • Obtaining succession financing
  • Managing disposable portions of assets (asset allocation)
  • Providing the company with ongoing assistance after handover

8 critical success factors

There are a number of dangers in the succession process that might be insignificant in one case - but in another, they could spell the end of your plans. We have identified eight individual aspects that are relevant here. 

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Our guidelines on succession financing

It's not always possible to find a suitable successor within the family. Potential buyers are confronted with the issue of succession financing. Company structures and succession processes vary widely, so we consider each case on an individual basis. Nevertheless, there are some general guidelines. Deviations from these guidelines are possible in justified cases.


  • It should be possible to repay the portion financed by borrowing within approximately five years, and this portion should not be more than three times the annual profit (before interest, tax and depreciation).
  • The equity capital should be equivalent to about half of the purchase price. The vendor's subordinated loans are set off against equity capital for this purpose.

Success story

Bigler Ltd. Fleischwaren: A successful succession project in a family firm

Succession in an SME is a challenging process for everyone involved. Find out how CEO Markus Bigler, CEO of the SME Bigler Ltd. Fleischwaren, successfully mastered this challenge with the support of Credit Suisse.


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