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Starting your business

Startup Easy and Business Easy are simple banking solutions for newly established companies and for small and medium-​sized enterprises. The packages include the most important products and services for your daily financial needs.

Our online banking platform offers exciting features for companies, e.g. multibanking (overview of all accounts, including those held at other banks) and self-​administration, which allows you to manage your company's user rights yourself.

When it comes to payments, dependability, flexibility, and efficiency count. We offer a broad range of solutions that allow our clients to conduct their payment transactions efficiently and at attractive conditions.

Credit Suisse offers professional advice and solutions tailored to the needs of our clients for comprehensive and transparent liquidity management.

Credit Suisse offers advice on designing and solutions for implementing customized employee participation plans that are in line with the market.

Clear ownership structure among shareholders is important, especially with respect to raising capital, mergers, or company succession. The solution for maintaining order in your shareholder structure is securitizing intermediated securities.

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. invests in SMEs with growth potential. Thus, it helps Switzerland to remain one of the leading industrialized nations in the world.

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Growing your business

Those who do business abroad are exposed to the risk of fluctuating exchange rates. It is therefore very important to have a competent partner like Credit Suisse for foreign exchange business.

Credit Suisse advises clients who wish to raise capital by issuing equity capital (IPOs above CHF 150 million) or derivative instruments or are looking to monetize large positions (in excess of CHF 50 million).

Credit Suisse has a specialized team that focuses exclusively on late-​stage placements in the private equity universe. That helps companies obtain customized private financing in excess of USD 100 million.

We draft customized escrow agreements and advise on how to invest escrow assets as well as the ideal release mechanism. Besides opening escrow accounts and safekeeping accounts, we monitor the conditions during their terms.

We support Swiss late-​stage companies with higher risk that wish to take out growth capital by granting them access to our wide network of investors and introducing them to interested investors.

Credit Suisse offers investment advisory services and solutions to draw up customized investment strategies for non-​operational cash assets that take your business plan and liquidity requirements into account.

Credit Suisse assists its clients with mergers and acquisitions by advising both private and public companies and supporting them during execution of possible changes in ownership.

Debt Financing

Find the form of credit that meets your needs. 

Leasing allows you to optimize your financing mix. Find out about our different solutions for corporate clients.

Is your company aiming to grow autonomously? Are you looking to expand abroad or simply to increase your financial leeway? Then factoring by Credit Suisse is the ideal choice. 

Those who buy and sell goods and services have different financing solutions available to them. We are the specialist for customized trade finance solutions.

Our specialists will assist you in structuring complex financing transactions and will devise financing solutions that reflect your specific plans for financing and future free cash flows.

Mid-​market lending is a cash flow-​based financing solution for medium-​sized companies with increased need for debt financing and helps supplement traditional bank financing solutions.

Alternative or additional sources of financing for higher financial needs (above CHF 50 million). Listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange enables you to gain broad access to institutional and private banking investors.

Networking can help your business grow

Optimising your personal assets

The Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e enables companies to make the extra-​mandatory portion of their pension provision attractive and up to date. Our 1e pension plans allow insured individuals to choose their own investment strategy.

We address the relevant issues related to your overall tax burden and optimize them. Our financial planning is based on your financial situation, taking into account pension, tax, and inheritance law.

Credit Suisse Asset Management offers a large selection of investment products and services across all asset classes and investment styles.

Planning and adapting the entrepreneur's salary and dividends with the aim of optimizing the total tax burden and with respect to company succession.

The ideal structuring and reconciliation of different groups of assets belonging to the entrepreneur lead to greater legal and financial independence while facilitating the desired solutions for succession.

Global custody refers to the safekeeping and administration of all bankable assets worldwide. It provides you with complete overview of your assets and a solid basis for decision-​making when it comes to optimum asset management.

We can support you with our proven expertise regarding foundations whether you wish to establish your own foundation or entrust your assets to an existing one.

Adress issues related to tax and your financial situation

Handing over your business

Passing the torch of management to a new generation is complicated and poses diverse challenges for entrepreneurs. Our specially training advisory teams understand what succession planning requires and know proven solutions.

With OpportunityNet, Credit Suisse operates one of the largest databases in Switzerland for referring individuals potentially selling their companies to buyers and vice versa.

We address the relevant issues related to your overall tax burden and optimize them. Our financial planning is based on your financial situation, taking into account pension, tax, and inheritance law.

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