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Heart tissue could be made with a 3D printer in the future. Entrepreneurs think ahead. And we're with them.


For both, your corporate and personal needs - we as Credit Suisse are here to accompany and support you along the way with a tailored offering.

Support for your business at any stage

As Bank for Entrepreneurs we meet business and personal financing needs. We’ll help your company during all of its phases: from founding to expansion to succession. We also help you build up and preserve your personal assets – in line with your entrepreneurial plans and taking account of tax considerations.

You have an idea? You would like to re­alise your dream? Found a com­pa­ny. We can help you right from the start: From prepar­ing to found the com­pa­ny to open­ing a bank­ing re­la­tion­ship – so your ca­reer as an en­tre­pre­neur can take off.

Do you want to grow your com­pa­ny? We have a com­pre­hen­sive se­lec­tion of fi­nanc­ing tools for you. We also have part­ners who are in­ter­est­ed in in­vest­ing in com­pa­nies with po­ten­tial. Com­pa­nies like yours.

As an en­tre­pre­neur, your en­er­gy is de­vot­ed to de­vel­op­ing your com­pa­ny. We are hap­py to help you with per­son­al fi­nan­cial plan­ning, geared to­wards your en­tre­pre­neur­ial plans and tax con­sid­er­a­tions.

You want to turn to new chal­lenges? You need a plan, in­clud­ing suc­ces­sion, to keep your life’s work go­ing. We’ll work with you to de­vel­op the most im­por­tant strate­gies so you can face your new fu­ture with con­fi­dence.

Starting your business

Good prepa­ra­tion makes found­ing a com­pa­ny eas­i­er. Do you need help with your busi­ness plan? Or maybe some help­ful check lists? By the way, our part­ner STAR­TUPS.CH would be hap­py to help you with the en­tire foun­da­tion process.

The first step in found­ing a lim­it­ed li­a­bil­i­ty com­pa­ny or a joint-​s­tock com­pa­ny is to open a cap­i­tal pay­ment ac­count. Then you’ll need a cor­po­rate ac­count – we rec­om­mend the Start­up Easy pack­age, which was de­signed for new com­pa­nies.

As the most dig­i­tal bank in the cor­po­rate client seg­ment we have a lot to of­fer in on­line bank­ing "Cred­it Su­isse Di­rect": process pay­ments, use multi­bank­ing to mon­i­tor ac­counts, or take ad­van­tage of the self-ad­min­is­tra­tion func­tion to man­age user rights your­self.

Growing your business

On­line cred­it, on­line leas­ing and fac­tor­ing are ef­fi­cient meth­ods of debt fi­nanc­ing, while our part­ners, Cred­it Su­isse En­tre­pre­neur Cap­i­tal AG and Swiss En­tre­pre­neurs Foun­da­tion, can also help your com­pa­ny grow with eq­ui­ty fi­nanc­ing.

Are you ac­tive in­ter­na­tion­al­ly? And are you look­ing for ex­pert part­ners for your Forex trans­ac­tions or trade fi­nance? As a Cred­it Su­isse cor­po­rate client, you'll ben­e­fit from at­trac­tive so­lu­tions.

Our net­work is your net­work. Take ad­van­tage of valu­able con­tacts and unique plat­forms that will help move your com­pa­ny for­ward. And dis­cov­er our part­ners Swiss Ven­ture Club, Switzer­land Glob­al En­ter­prise and many more.

Handing over your business

Are you al­ready think­ing about re­tire­ment? Then op­ti­mise your to­tal as­sets, with our 1e pen­sion so­lu­tions, for in­stance, or take ad­van­tage of our ex­per­tise in the area of tax­es and tax sub­mis­sions.

Pass­ing the man­age­ment of the com­pa­ny to the next gen­er­a­tion is a com­plex process that pre­sents a num­ber of chal­lenges for en­tre­pre­neurs. Take ad­van­tage of our ex­ten­sive ex­pe­ri­ence to help you de­ter­mine the suc­ces­sion process for your com­pa­ny.

With Op­por­tu­ni­tyNet, we op­er­ate one of the largest data­bas­es for putting po­ten­tial buy­ers in touch with sell­ers of com­pa­nies. We also bring in­vestors and grow­ing com­pa­nies with fi­nanc­ing needs to­geth­er.

Allow us to advise you.

The perfect offer for every need? Why not. We have the right solution no matter the stage your company's in.


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Discover our current entrepreneur campaign

Entrepreneurs don’t ask: why? They ask: why not? Speaking as one entrepreneur to another, we know what it means to put it on the line. What it means to be an entrepreneur. Discover amazing projects below and ask yourself: why not?

Heart tissue from a 3D printer.

The fact that prosthetics can be produced using a 3D printer is no longer anything new. But this printing process is now being used for other purposes in medicine. Bioprinting refers to a 3D printing process for organic substances that's revolutionizing medicine. It's already possible to print human heart tissue, taking us one step closer to the 3D printing of a whole heart. Are you also moving into new areas? Why not.


Out of the ocean. Into the entrepreneurial world.

The pollution of the world’s oceans is an enormous problem that society needs to face. However, problems are also opportunities for entrepreneurs. Rather than producing more waste, waste can be removed from the ocean and used again to make new products. Sneakers are already being made from waste – and there are a number of other possible uses. Unfortunately, there’s more than enough waste in the ocean. Will you make something of it? Why not.


Insects on your plate.

We have long known that insects can be eaten. Now the market is really heating up. For example, noodles are now being made from insect flour and burger patties from mealworms and crickets. But this, too, is just the beginning, and the possibilities are endless. Globally there are some 2,000 edible insects that are nutritious and – hopefully – tasty too. Will you start the next big food trend? Why not. 


Mushrooms in packaging? Mushrooms as packaging.

The growth of e-​commerce has increased the amount of packaging waste. So forward-​looking alternatives are needed. One of these alternatives may sound strange now, but it has a lot of potential: fungal roots are being used to create stable material as part of a sustainable process. The material is being used for packaging and insulation. Are you starting your own trend? Why not.


There’s always room for more innovation.

Clever drone systems and innovative technology are not just for entertainment. Drones are increasingly used in vital situations. For example, to help firefighters make an initial assessment of a fire from the air. A drone with a special camera system has been developed for this purpose. And there’s still a lot more potential, especially in advanced business areas. Will you take advantage of this potential? Why not.


From compost to stronger concrete.

Carrots are not just good for our eyesight – even concrete can be made more stable using leftover from root vegetables such as carrots or sugar beet. Root vegetable fibers are added to cement, thereby increasing the proportion of calcium silicate hydrate, which is responsible for the strength of the concrete. Are you also exploring new approaches? Why not. 

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