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More than one-third of the global consumption of primary energy and about one-fourth of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) are caused by buildings. Decarbonization comprises the systematic reduction of CO2 emissions for real estate assets. To address climate change and increasing regulatory requirements, Credit Suisse Real Estate Investment Management is committed to enhancing energy and resource efficiency, and reducing the carbon footprint of the real estate assets.

Jointly with WWF Switzerland, the entire real estate portfolio has been analyzed to create a transparent overview of the CO2 reduction potential. On this basis, mid- and long-term CO2 reduction targets for the entire portfolio and each investment solution have been defined.

Decarbonization Swiss Real Estate – Broschure (PDF)

Facts & Figures:

  • 20% CO2 reduction target by 2020 (vs. 2010)
  • 85% CO2 reduction target by 2050 (vs. 2010)
  • >CHF 500 mn CO2 specific investment costs (by 2020)
  • >1 000 properties optimized
  • >2 000 CO2 relevant projects

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