Sustainability Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions

Credit Suisse Asset Management Global Real Estate is committed to enhancing energy and resource efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of its real estate assets.

In collaboration with WWF Switzerland, we have analyzed our entire real estate portfolio to assess the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On this basis, mid- and long-term CO2-reduction targets for the entire portfolio and each investment solution have been defined.

In addition, our Building Optimization Program to control, measure and monitor energy consumption has been installed in more than 1,000 of our existing properties. With our partners Siemens and Wincasa, this has enabled us to focus on introducing appropriate measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Finally, our own greenproperty seal certifies the quality of new buildings. The seal was developed jointly with Amstein+Walthert, and is based on the recommendations of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects. Properties that bear the greenproperty label offer important benefits to investors, builder-owners, and tenants.

For more information on the greenproperty quality seal, go to the greenproperty Brochure (PDF).