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Sustainable Solutions



To systematically reduce CO2 emissions, a system to control, measure and monitor energy consumption has been installed in more than 1 000 of the existing properties. This creates transparency and means building optimization solutions can be planned and installed. Appropriate measures are used to improve energy efficiency and to systematically reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the real estate assets. In addition, our own seal greenproperty certifies the quality of new established buildings.


Decarbonization comprises the systematic reduction of CO2 emissions for real estate assets. Jointly with WWF Switzerland, the CO2 reduction potential has been examined. The goals and milestones are defined in accordance with the 2 degree pathway requirement to limit global warming.

Building Optimization

The Building Optimization program comprises 1 000 buildings that are continually monitored and optimized. Since 2012, together with Siemens the focus has been on implementing operational methods to systematically reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Developed jointly with Amstein+Walthert in 2009, our own seal greenproperty certifies the quality of new buildings. greenproperty is a comprehensive approach to account for sustainability building criteria and integrates all recognized domestic standards in Switzerland.

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