Sustainability Building certificates – greenproperty

Building certificates – greenproperty

Ensuring that construction projects are environmentally sustainable and fit for the future is one of the core elements of our sustainability strategy. Out of a sense of conviction and with an awareness of our responsibility, we – as a leading building owner and real estate investment manager – create long-term added value with our projects. In doing so, we are committed to good energy and resource efficiency as well as to reducing the environmental footprint.

Credit Suisse Asset Management Global Real Estate developed the greenproperty quality seal with renowned engineering and planning company Amstein + Walthert AG in 2009. This first comprehensive standard for sustainable property in Switzerland includes environmental, economic, and social aspects and is therefore a powerful example of how to take a sustainable approach to new buildings. Swiss and international sustainability standards are also taken into account.

Ten years after the initial launch of the greenproperty quality seal, a new version was introduced in 2019 that reflects, in the brochure “greenproperty: the quality seal for sustainable real estate with a future” and also in a handbook, the current future-oriented developments in the area of sustainable construction, and ensures greater transparency. The requirements, assessment criteria, and process are based on a comprehensive ESG approach (ESG: environmental, social, and governance), which takes into account environmental and social aspects as well as corporate management. They are described in detail in the handbook.

In addition to its own holistic greenproperty quality seal, certifications for sustainability customary in real estate, such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, and Minergie, are also used.