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Renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaics are important for achieving a secure and sustainable energy mix. In addition, renewable energy technologies contribute to increasing energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions. Photovoltaic plants make a valuable contribution to the profitability of real estate. The electricity fed to the power grid generates additional income for properties and investors. Innovative and future-oriented real estate investments based on a solid sustainability strategy are better equipped to meet intensifying regulatory requirements. 

Credit Suisse Real Estate Investment Management is committed to renewable energies and has increased its investments in photovoltaic plants. The plants generate total power of approximately six megawatt hours. This corresponds to the power consumption of 2 000 four-person households in Switzerland. Today, 20 photovoltaic plants are generating 7 500 MWh or 7 300 kWp and are integrated in various Credit Suisse real estate investment solutions.

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