Sustainability Sustainable Performance

Sustainable Performance

Our leading position as an investor in sustainable real estate is backed up by a proven track record.

sustainable performance

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Together with WWF Switzerland, in 2012, we looked into the potential to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in our Swiss portfolio. On this basis, medium- and long-term CO2 reduction targets were set for the overall portfolio and each investment solution.

Building-optimization program

In addition, we rolled out our building-optimization program for about 750 properties. The aim of this program is to review and optimize energy consumption. With our partners Siemens Switzerland Ltd. and Wincasa AG, we can concentrate on measures to continue improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases.

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmarking

The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmarking (GRESB) initiative monitors the sustainability of real estate investment solutions. GRESB annually compiles a global ranking of real estate funds and real estate companies in terms of their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) performance. 

Since 2013, Credit Suisse Asset Management Global Real Estate has been a member of GRESB. In 2016, Credit Suisse Asset Management Global Real Estate was named a Global Sector Leader and Regional Sector Leader. In addition, 14 of our real estate funds have been awarded a Green Star for leading performance in their specific peer group.

We believe in matching words with actions. Renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaics are important for achieving a secure and sustainable energy mix. They contribute to increasing energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions. 

We have investments in 20 photovoltaic plants, generating total power of approximately six megawatt hours. This corresponds to the power consumption of 2,000 four-person households in Switzerland.