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Sustainable Performance


Our leading position is confirmed by a permanent performance and a proven track record. The quality of the real estate assets has been continually upgraded, and energy consumption and CO2 emissions have been significantly reduced. To increase transparency on sustainability performance our real estate investment solutions participate continuously in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark GRESB.

Facts & Figures

  • Global Sector Leader (GRESB)
  • Regional Sector Leader (GRESB)
  • 14 Green Star Awards (GRESB)
  • 1 000 properties in energy controlling and operational optimization
  • One of the first real estate investment manager that executed the Minergie certificate
  • 10 % CO2 reduction (2010 – 2015), 20 % reduction until 2020
  • 90 greenproperty certified properties
  • CHF 3 Bn AuM greenproperty certified properties
  • 20 photovoltaic plants (approx. 7 300 kWp; approx. 7 500 MWh)
  • 1.6 mn m2 certified area
  • 1.1 mn m2 Minergie certified area (Swiss energy efficiency label)
  • 0.2 mn m2 LEED certified area

GRESB – Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmarking

To systematically benchmark the sustainability performance GRESB is a leading global initiative that monitors the sustainable performance of real estate investments. Since 2013, Global Real Estate is a GRESB member.  


Credit Suisse Global Real Estate follows a sustainability strategy committed to renewable energies and is increasing its investments in photovoltaics. Today, 20 photovoltaic plants are operational in various real estate investment solutions.

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