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As one of the largest real estate managers globally sustainability is an essential requirement when managing and developing real estate investment holdings. Investments in sustainable real estate are a major lever in addressing the pressing issue of climate change, as approximately one third of CO2 emissions stem from the real estate sector. Green buildings are not only essential for the environment and a safe and resilient human settlement, but they also make smart business sense.



Credit Suisse Global Real Estate assumes its responsibility and is committed to face global challenges of our time by defining measurable goals and implementing leading, forward-looking solutions for sustainable, green buildings to reduce the carbon footprint of its real estate assets.

Sustainable Solutions

Leading sustainability solutions increase transparency on energy consumption and CO2 emissions and integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into real estate investments.

Sustainable Performance 

The leadership position is confirmed by performance indicators: The quality of the real estate assets is continually upgraded, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. This performance is recognized and awarded with 14 Green Stars by GRESB, the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark.

Sustainable Investments

Smart and responsible investments respond to today’s investors’ and stakeholders’ expectations. Due to its expertise and experience, Global Real Estate holds a leading position in sustainable real estate investments and offers customized, innovative, and profitable solutions.

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Roger Baumann

Global COO & Head Sustainability /
Co-Head Germany

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