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The Quality Seal. That Makes a Real Impact.

The Quality Seal. That Makes a Real Impact.

For the first time, Switzerland has a comprehensive label that rates the sustainability of real estate on an integral basis. Greenproperty was developed by Credit Suisse Real Estate Investment Management in collaboration with Amstein + Walthert, a Zurich-based engineering and planning practice.

CS Real Estate Investment Management embarked on its endeavor to implement sustainable building projects some years ago. Back in 2002, the Leonardo commercial building in Zurich-Oerlikon set a milestone in the history of construction: when it was opened, Leonardo was the largest Minergie building in Switzerland. Then, in 2006, the first apartment building to meet the Minergie-P standard was completed: the Eichgut in Winterthur. These projects were followed by many energy-optimized properties with an investment volume in the billions, at strong locations in Swiss metropolitan areas. As such, sustainable building is not a fundamentally new concept for Credit Suisse as a real estate investor.

The purpose of creating the quality seal was not to re-invent sustainability in the real estate sector. The challenge was to evaluate and compare leading Swiss and foreign assessment methods and to integrate them where practical. greenproperty is based on the comprehensive recommendations of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects in SIA publication 112/1: Sustainable Building – Structural Engineering. The seal incorporates all or part of the standards for the well-known Minergie/Minergie-P and Minergie-ECO/ P-ECO labels. However, greenproperty applies a more comprehensive but nevertheless highly practical assessment that ensures maximum applicability for the sustainability check. 

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