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Sustainable Benefits. For the Masses

Sustainable Benefits. For the Masses

The quality seal shows how ideal values can be turned into real values for the various parties involved. Initial Swiss and international studies show that sustainability pays off in the real estate sector. This is because a property that can meet future require­ments minimizes the risk of value losses due to future developments, while maxi­mizing the opportunity for value gains. Although sustainable construction may costs more initially, it pays off in the long term because energy, waste disposal and water costs are generally lower, as are overall running and maintenance costs. Moreover, because these buildings are more attractive to tenants, they ensure excellent potential for first-time rental and lower loss of income when they are re-rented. The higher quality of the fit­tings and better standards of comfort in sustainable buildings also meet the ex­pectations of the general public, which is becoming increasingly aware of health-related and environmental aspects.

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