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Acquisition & Sale of Real Estate and Land Reserves in Switzerland


We only purchase real estate, real estate projects, and sites which meet our investment criteria for real estate investment products managed by Credit Suisse. The specific investment criteria applied when purchasing a property or land reserve depend on the profile of the investment vehicle for which the property is intended.

We provide individual advisory services and support our customers in terms of asset allocation by actively managing their portfolio. In addition to purchasing individual properties, projects, and sites, it is also possible to convert directly-owned real estate and real estate portfolios into indirect real estate investments (asset securitization). We take over asset management for clients who wish to outsource the management of their real estate portfolio. Sale-and-rentback solutions for clients who want to sell their real estate and only rent the properties required for their operations round off our offering.

In the interests of our investors, we actively manage the real estate portfolio of our investment vehicles. We therefore also dispose of real estate that no longer meets the investment criteria.

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