Services and Solutions Everything related to your apartment and neighborhood – all in one app

Everything related to your apartment and neighborhood – all in one app

Living Services offers a wide range of services for tenants in Switzerland. The services take care of domestic duties and other tasks relating to your apartment, such as cleaning, vacation, and laundry services as well as troubleshooting. The communication platform also provides a variety of options for contacting your neighbors or the apartment's management team.

The following, fully-electronic functions are available to our tenants around the clock:

  • Order and pay for services: From cleaning to vacation services – all Living Services can be found in the app, which also covers the entire billing and payment process.
  • Direct line to property management: The management team can be notified of any problems, which are then tracked through a ticketing system. It's simple and available round the clock.
  • All your information in one place: All the important information about the apartment, such as the floor plan and instruction manuals, is available in one place.
  • Direct line to your neighbors: Get in contact with neighbors through the pinboard, marketplace and sharingplace.
  • Smart metering (in new buildings): Real-time tracking of the individual energy consumption leading to an improved awareness for sustainability issues.

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