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Credit Suisse Asset Management takes an uncompromising approach to real estate management. We only purchase real estate, real estate projects, and sites that meet our strict investment criteria. The specific investment criteria we apply depends on the profile of the investment vehicle for which the property is intended.

Internationally, we focus on well-established markets or markets with growth potential, distinguished by their liquidity, transparency and secure legal systems. While we prefer properties that can generate a strong and stable revenue, in select cases we will also consider properties for their growth potential.

Our goal is to always meet our clients’ needs. We can provide you with individual advisory services and support you by actively managing your property portfolio.

In addition to purchasing individual properties, projects, and sites, we can convert directly-owned real estate and real estate portfolios into indirect real estate investments – a process known as asset securitization. In Switzerland, sale-and-rent-back solutions are available for clients who want to sell their real estate and rent the properties required for their operations.

As active managers, our portfolios are constantly monitored. We will sell assets that no longer meet our investment criteria.

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