CSA Real Estate Germany Opening of the CSA Real Estate Germany Investment Group

Opening of the CSA Real Estate Germany Investment Group

CSA Real Estate Germany is open for subscriptions. The target volume is a maximum of CHF 200 m. During the opening, tax-exempt second-pillar institutions domiciled in Switzerland have the opportunity to subscribe to rights in CSA Real Estate Germany (CSA Real Estate Germany, sec. no. 23 547 751), an investment group of the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation. The CSA Real Estate Germany investment group is focused on investments in German commercial properties. The new capital will be invested in the ongoing expansion of the real estate portfolio.

The CSA Real Estate Germany investment group invests mainly in commercial real estate in Germany. A prime aim is to achieve targeted distribution by region, location, and usage type. Particular consideration is given to the following criteria when choosing locations: real estate market cycles, economic strength, economic forecasts, and the political, legal, and tax environment in the relevant region. The location and quality of a property are especially important, as its rental potential and therefore its long-term earning power and appreciation potential depend on those two factors.  

Opening at a glance 

Investor group Tax-exempt second-pillar institutions domiciled in Switzerland and pillar 3a bank foundations
Subscription period Until March 31, 2017, 12:00 CET
Value date May 31, 2017
Target volume Approx. CHF 200 m
Swiss security number 23547751
ISIN CH0235477517

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